Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


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I got this El ;) x margaret
you go bro
i need your gmail so i can talk yo you privately


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Things this, as in her research, says:

1. Layla Tomlinson is also One Directions sister.
2. This person said thanks at first to River Summers



 I really do think that Layla Tomlinson is a creation of movellas because I the more I think about it the more it makes sense. The creators of movellas can use this account to check on what people are writing and to make sure there isn't threat comments and things like that. They could also be using it to give some people a fan for when they first join.

The reason with the unfanning things could be just that there is a limit to how many people you can fan so when they fan new people it automatically deletes some people to make room for new people.

That would also explain why she doesn't write movellas or have favorites list, they wouldn't want to make people feel bad by only favoriting a couple movellas. That is the only way to explain why it said she hadn't been on for a month and why she doesn't reply to any comments left on her page.

The movellas creators could made her name that so she blended in to the normal users and we wouldn't freak about her which apparently didn't help... but yeah.

-ProfessionalZombieKiller (Must be the username PZK)


I think it is highly likely that it is an automatic system setup. I mean, have you looked at the setting to your notifications? There is an app. And maybe if you have the app, you can get notifications of a new user. Just click on "fan" and done. I know that some apps you can do this sort of thing on and you aren't truely considered "on the website". That could explain how she hadn't been "on" but still fans everyone.



I think that maybe she is only fanning the new comers, and not people that were already signed in (like me) so that new comer doesn't feel alone in a big world, where people know each other and they don't know anyone. I think what she is doing is AWESOME and great so new comers don't feel awful at writing as they have a fan!!!! :)

-Anything Is Possible


Maybe she just likes to fan people, I mean, if I wanted to, I could go on Movellas for a VERY LONG TIME every single day, if I had enough motivation to get a certain task done (in her case, fanning as many people as possible). We can all make time for things we love....



Layla Tomlinson has somehow hacked the site to fan every new movellian. I have concluded this because I was on the front page and clicked immediately on the message that said '*instert username here* has joined Movellas'. Low and behold Layla is their first fan! What a surprise?!
There is no way she can just sit there and fan every person that joins the site, no one is that quick at it and no one would be able to make sure they fan every single person. New people join frequently. She has some how got it automated to fan every new person as they join the site from the date that she joined the site. So either this means:
1) she is a hacker
2)a complete computer wiz.
3) the account is set up by the Movellas team but they lied about creating it just to keep us guessing. The Movellas team as the runners of the site would able to set something up to make 'Layla' fan every new Movellian. They would also probably have chosen the name Layla Tomlinson to appeal to the 1D fans on the site and the ordinary first name so she just blends in. Unfortunately though, blending in is not what she has done if that was what the idea was.

-Lily Anna Nightshade


Layla fanned Death, but not Margaret.

- Evelyn Shadownight


Thank you for your contribution! :D

Oh, may I ask people to say: UPDATE or POST before their comment if it is a theory or anything that is worth putting it up here. It would help us a lot :D

Thanks :D

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