Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


2. Before We Start...


Before we start, I really want to make myself clear. I’m not here to be mean to anyone. I just want to figure out who she is. I know I shouldn’t butt into other people lives or how would I feel if someone made- “Who is RockkaRolla?” I would feel weird, because behind the screen I’m not worth anything. Seriously I’m nothing.

I’m the girl you will push by mistake while shopping and walk off without knowing you pushed me. I maybe the one serving you coffee every day, but you will never acknowledge me. We may have shared the same bus stop for ten years, but still you won’t know who I am. I am that. I am nothing.

But she is mysterious. I like that.

Co-author requests will be accepted if you fulfill the criteria. You cannot jump in and be like ‘THIS IS SO COOL! I WANNA CO-AUTHOR!! RORO!! I WANT IN!” That won’t be done.

Also, if Layla Tomlinson says- “Please put that down, I don’t like it.” I WILL DO IT! Without hesitation. Why? If it happens, I’ll be one of the select few to get a comment from her :D

Either way, I’ll gain something.

Apart from that, I’m not a stalker -_- (Just a curious cat who gets drenched in her own follies)

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