Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


18. A Little Bit Of That & A Little Bit Of This


Hi. It’s RoRo, here to annoy you. Before we begin, let’s hear some responses...


i don't think nyone at movelas would be rude to another (unless you insult a fandom.) no. i dont think this movella is meant to hurt anyone.... BTW i happen to be jobless, hence i performed a totally USELESS research... it might mean nothing. infact i am convinced about that. but anyways here it is:

i dont think layla is her real name. since her account says that she is from Bosnia, i checked up Layla in bosnia 
(yeah that place exists 557.74 miles from poland )

there happens to be a popular bosnian song called Layla. if this layla is a directioner, she must like music. so she must have heard that song... maybe thats why she named her account Layla.

I'd like to conclude that i dont think that her real name is Layla. 

it doesn't have a substanitial proof.... still.

-Pepper OirO


Wow, this is pretty creepy and cool at the same time but I'm not sure if my comment is much help but than again maybe it is. I have a second account that I made either a month or two ago. My first fan was myself from this account and than I had a few more. But then I couple of days went by and I got another fan but it didn't add to the list as the most recent one but instead as the first fan. So my account (rosesdon'thurt) was the actual first fan of my second account (geekycurls) but it ended up being moved down to the second fan bc Layla Tomlinson fanned me but she never fanned me on the exact day I made that account but multiple days afterwards. I don't get how that happened but it just did, sorry if my response sounded a bit confusing but hopefully, it gave you some theories.

-Rosesdon’t hurt


1) Maybe her notifications for other people commenting and tagging her is off so she wouldn't know.
2) She may have been in incognito mode when on movellas
3) She doesn't fan everybody, a lot of people yes but not everyone

- Justanotherchapteroflife


 Now with that I would like to tell you about The Curious Case of Crashing Computers

While, Evan R.J, Liam’s Babe<3 were researching Layla’s profile (Thank you, both of you :D Nice work!) they reported that their computers crashed doing so. It is strange, or maybe just a co-incidence.

So this time I’m coming up with ANTI-Theories

i) She is a computer Theory

Possible. Computers can make glitches. BUT. Computers don’t comment. If they do, it’s random bits of nonsense, which we call SPAM (not the beef, dear).

Layla COMMENTED, which makes her NOT A COMPUTER.

ii) She is a creation of Movellas Theory

Verified that she is not. No questions there

iii) She is just another user Theory

Not possible. Why? You and I are just another users but do we manage to fan almost half the population of Movellas. No. That makes her inhuman. She just maybe the Superman of Movellas.

iv) She likes fanning people Theory

Half-possible. Why? If a person fans SO MANY people, it’s not a matter of ‘like’, it becomes obsessive .


Now, for the theories:

i) She may be controlled by a group Theory

Yes, highly possible. People from different time zones may use her at different times. For all we know, they may be like the Illuminati of Movellas.

ii) She is a result of hackers trying to hack movellas Theory

I don’t know the reason for it because I just thought it up as I wrote

iii) She is RockkaRolla Theory

Perhaps she is my alter-ego I have no clue about. That would explain my obsessive need to be online all the time

iv) The Movellas Team are lying about creating her Theory

Who knows? People lie. But, it’s highly unlikely. Why lie about it? We would be grateful to them instead.

v) She is a ghost-dog plus vampire Theory

I’m just engrossed in vampire thingy for now.


Thank you so much for your contribution people. People are so nice here :D

Let me know if there are any more updates.

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