when the comet arrives..

I fell in love with her.
and i know i just deserve her..

i want to tell her i can love her much more tha him
my heart breaks into the million pieces when he touches her

know shes my girl , but am i her man?

if would say her "i love her" and if it was me then i really would I WOULD !!

i love you , peyton sawyer.
i do and i also know im lucas scott and my own brother , nathan scott is your boyfriend.

but i also know hes not worth it.
he doesnt treat you the way i would.
he doesnt kiss you the way i could.
and he'll never be your ONE.

since the day you came into my life.
i feel happier & brighter .

AND since the day you had my STEP-brother.
i feel broken & bruised.


"one tree hill"



3. normal day turs really good !


soo lovieess.......



*lucas's Pov.*

i woke up in my small bed when the alarm clock was ringin loudly.  

i slam the alarm clock and woke up . i took a quick shower and thew on some random  shirt with my denim jeans. 

i make my blonde hair , watchin into the mirror until i looked satisfied. 

i wore some bands , my converse and folded my sleeves . 

i made my way through a small door and another door leadin to the cafe my mom ran. 

it was pretty filled up with customers and my mom was quite busy. 

i greeted my mom with a "good mornin' " and a perfect fresh smile while she humbly replied back with a short smile on the lips and a "mornin' luke" and placed my breakfast on the counter table.  

i take one of the seat and started eating my bacon and eggs when i saw haley comin' by my way and sayin' to mom 

"can we go ? "

she worked at the cafe to earn money. 

shes a full nerd , haha

still i love her , just as my best friend. 

i take my bag , back from the home and a jacket from the coat hanger near the door and rush towards haley. 

haley had some books in her hand and a bag on her back. 

shes really a nerd.  

we walk towards our school and was about to enter when suddenly , from my behind , nathan my step bro showed off his new car and beside her was the girl i always loved , peyton. 

he mumbled some words and then said "get outta my way you idiot. "

before i could defend myself back , i saw peyton and couldnt get my eyes of her.  

she looked beautiful with a little makeup on her face. 

as usual in her leather jacket , a short skirt and a simple pale top with her blond hair , movin with the flowing breeze. 

her eyes were struck onto me and i stared into hers. 

her gorgeous hazel eyes made me feel the electric vibes at the back of my spine and 

i wish she felt the same way i do. 

i couldnt move when haley pulled me towards her and said

"stop staring at her ! i know you like her. "

"no, haley i don't" i replied instantly. 

"oh you sure do!"

"even if i did. i can't have her. she's dating that jackass."

"i know one day , she'll be yours" she replied with a short smile and i totally blushed like a teenage girl. 

i could feel my cheeks reddin up. 

oh dont be a pussy lucas scott. 

it's hard to control so i look down , to my feet. 

haley chuckles at me and oh now i blush more. 

im a total girl !


i was in the class completely zoned out 'cause of the beautiful looks of peyton and ugly douche , nathan 

hes a big asshole man ! he don't deserve peyton!

after staring alot , my eues met with haley's and she smirked at me. 

while i completely ignored that and tried to focus on my teacher.  

but my heart is goin to come out of my chest.  it is beating rapidly. 

now i started lookin to the book 'cause if i turn my head up it'll only turn to peyton and i seriously don't want that. 

when suddenly , in the middle of the class I was called , when my head swing up , leaving all the thoughts behind , the words that left my mouth were "huh?"

i was completely zoned out whe. the teacher explained to me that coach is expecting me?

weiirddd!! i don't play in the team and nobody except my friends know that i play. 

and i actually play real good.

i stand up and leave the class while watchin haley's puzzled face staring at me. 

i know hales , its really weird but stop staring me like that !

i give her my No-idea-whats-goin'-on expression 

and she understood that ! yo me ! 

i shut the door quietly behind me and walk down the corridoor to the gym and then i slightly sneak my head from the door and ask for the permission from coach whitey. 

he asks me to sit down at one of his chairs in the office. 

i take a seat and settle myself down when he stared speakin' why am i here. 

"you're needed in this team but i want you to make me choose you"

he said sternly , still i really admire him .

he's a good friend of uncle kieth and hates Dan too. 

hes in my team !! i chuckle in my thoughts. 

"i would've sir but im not one of the popular ones and how'd you know ii play?"

i asked polietly. 

"i know you live with kieth and sure you play !! i know you always kept aside but the team needs you for the season. "

he replied softly this time. 

"i need to think about this , sir"

"i want you to take your time and i still wanna see you play at the river court."


"you can go now"

"thankyou, sir"

i said while walkin away. 

i need to talk to haley. 



i knew last one was short so i did another faster. 

i know i rock!! 


hope you like it 



-----------ush xxxxxxx

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