when the comet arrives..

I fell in love with her. and i know i just deserve her.. I JUST KNOW SHE'S THE ONE WOULD THAT BE ENOUGH FOR HER? i want to tell her i can love her much more tha him my heart breaks into the million pieces when he touches her know shes my girl , but am i her man? if would say her "i love her" and if it was me then i really would I WOULD !! i love you , peyton sawyer. i do and i also know im lucas scott and my own brother , nathan scott is your boyfriend. but i also know hes not worth it. he doesnt treat you the way i would. he doesnt kiss you the way i could. and he'll never be your ONE. since the day you came into my life. i feel happier & brighter . AND since the day you had my STEP-brother. i feel broken & bruised. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HOPE YOU LIKE IT. !! TOTAL LOVE STORY INSPIRED BY A TV SHOW. "one tree hill" BUT ITS JUST INSPIRED. NOT TAKEN !!!! ----Ush


2. dairy of lucas

dear diary, 

im lucas scott and i work as mechanic , just for part time . 

i live in tree hill which it the most beautiful place i've known. 

you know what makes it beautiful. 

not the scenes , but the people. 

people who love me and i love them back. 

my mother , karen and my uncle keith scott. 

im glad i have these two as my parents. 

my actual dad is an asshole. he never took care of me and left my mom when she was pregnant. 

my dad's real brother, kieth my uncle had always been there for me. 

hes been thier since i was born , even from before . 

when mom got pregnant , he took care of my mom and i love him for that and everythin he has done for us. 

i have always been a basket ball player 

we play near a river court with my dearly friends , mouth and skills. 

and my best friend haley .

me ,haley , mouth and skills are goin to the highschool and are not so popular unlike my step-brother nathan scott. 

nathan lives with my biological father and who himself is a basketball player and plays with the team Ravens.

but i don't. 

i only play at river court. 

i hate nathan and he hates me. 

i hate him cause hes an asshole just like Dan

i never call him dad 'cause never wanna be like him. 

he was so obsessed with his game that he left my mom and me behind and married another woman and

now i have a step brother NATHAN SCOTT !!


I know my life is really complicated and tangled with so many people around me. 

one of those people is peyton sawyer. 

one of the hottest girl in the school and a perfect cheerleader. 


yeah, i know !! what an actual fuck?!

i told you. this is complicated than you ever know 

and became more complicated when comet arrived......


i know short chapter but this was introduction and i didnt wanna mess it up with overloaded information. 

hope you like it . 

lots of love------

ush------- xxxxxxx


:) :) :) :)

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