Saphire thinks she is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, but shes wrong! She has powers beyond magic, but what will happen when she realises her sister ruby is really her worst enemy


6. the shadow?

I turned around as saw the shadow pull up behind me...

It was my sister!

'Saphire? What are you doing here?'

'Ummm nothing, why are you here?'

'Oh Ermm I, was taking a walk'

She says as she pushes past me, looks at me one more time before walking away. I slowly pulled myself to my feet and started walking home. I saw sandy and her friends at the park so I had to go the long way. When I got in my mum was in the kitchen and my dad had gone to work so I just went up to my room. I ran downstairs and got a glass of orange juice and brought it upstairs. I placed my hand flat infront of the cup and it froze,

'Saphire tea's nearly ready, where's your sister?'

'Dont know and don't care' I reply back to my mum.

As I was on my way downstairs there was a loud knock on the door, 'sapphire can you get that' my mum shouts. I walk over to the front door and open it, 'hello there, are you sapphire jones?'


'Can we come in?' They say barging past me anyway. My mum walks into the living room and sees them, 'hello officers, how can we help?'

'We were out in the woods today and we heard a girl screaming for help, we went over to the scene and it turns out to be your daughter, Ms. Ruby Jones was killed at seventeen hundred hours on the 23rd on July. I'm so sorry ma'am, we have her body down at the station for analysis, no stab marks or anything, so god only knows what may of killed her'

'Oh....' My mum says as a tear falls down from her face, and another and another until her tears could literally fill up a swimming pool, she sees the officers out and shuts the door, she turns around and slowly slides down to the ground, her head between her knees. I stood there roasting, I was so angry, and determined to find out what had happened to ruby...

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