Saphire thinks she is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, but shes wrong! She has powers beyond magic, but what will happen when she realises her sister ruby is really her worst enemy


2. secret begins

My mum asked me to pick some things up at the shop for her so i took the shopping list and ran out the house. I ran towards the park but stopped to catch my breath until i heard,

'Saphire, Ew, come here' it was sandy james and her friends (they bully me :( i hope they dont come over)

Too late

'What you doing you ugly bitch'

I tried to ignore them by walking off but they stopped me

'Get out of my way sandy' i spoke with confidence

'No, make me, what you gonna do about it'

They all looked at me and laughed i swear i was going to punch her in a minute.

'Well, come on tell us'

My cheeks felt like they were on fire, the stress was hurting and all i could do was stand there!

'Go away' i said under my breath


They threw a lit ciggarette at me but i landed on the floor i slammed my foot on it and the scarriest thing happened! As i slammed my foot down all of the grass turned to ice turning all the trees covered in white and like they had been snowed on. Sandy looked at me and ran off crying. I ran home as i was thinking,

'This will be my little secret....'

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