Saphire thinks she is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, but shes wrong! She has powers beyond magic, but what will happen when she realises her sister ruby is really her worst enemy


5. next day

I woke up the next day and my head was hurting like hell, my heart was pounding and I looked a mess.

I almost forgot that I had weird ice powers. I decided I would try them out for real today, I was gonna head down into the forest were barely anybody goes and see what I can do.

I got dressed, put all my makeup on and headed downstairs. My sister was lying on the sofa staring deeply at the wall,

"What are you doing?" I asked her

"N-N-Nothing" she said to me as she came out of her daydreaming.

I got my breakfast, said bye to my mum and headed for the forest. It was a hot day and I took my hoodie of just as I stepped outside.

It was a ten minute walk but I looked around and nobody was watching me, so I went in.

I looked at my hands and turned them around, shots of ice flew to the ground, there was a rumbling and a big patch of the ground turned to solid ice!

I crouched down and touched it. It sparkled at my touch, I started drawing spirals on the ice and the pattern was incredibly. The ice rose from the ground and swirled in the air, dancing around me gracefully. Then it stopped and fell to the ground. I heard sticks cracking and I ran. I ran and I ran until the root of a tree caught my foot and I fell face flat in the mud, I turned round to see a shadow pull up behind me......


Promise I will update more sooner x sorry it wasn't very long but thank you for all your nice comments x

Love you all

- L xx

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