Saphire thinks she is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, but shes wrong! She has powers beyond magic, but what will happen when she realises her sister ruby is really her worst enemy


3. home

I got home and ran up to my room. I looked at my hands and laid them on the window sill, and

took them off, the window sill and a bit of my walls had turned into ice! I walked downstairs with a storming headache when my mum told me tea was ready so i grabbed my plate but my mum pulled it out of my hands,

'We are all eating at the dinner table tonight'


I sighed as i sat down, i looked as everyone picked up there knife and fork, but stopped to look at me,

'Eat up' my dad said. I looked down at the knife and fork my hands started shaking as i went to grab them. But i stood up and ran to my room, whenever i do that my parents think we are going to the toilet or something, i looked through my draws for a pair of gloves until i found my nude ones and quickly slipped them on and ran back downstairs.

I get twitching my hands as the inside was full of ice but why did it never do it before, why has it just done it now. Did i let it go when i stood up to sandy?? Will it ever stop?? Have i got it for a reason??


I will update soon guys ok :)

Hope you liked it so far

Love you - L xx

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