Saphire thinks she is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, but shes wrong! She has powers beyond magic, but what will happen when she realises her sister ruby is really her worst enemy


1. 1: something strange

Saphires P.O.V

I woke up today and felt so happy, it was saturday and the first day off for the 2 week holiday from school. I stood up and made my bed, i sat back down on it and jumped straight back up, it was freezing cold!! It wasnt the first time this happened, it happens every morning. I guess it was because we have a big house and the draft would get in my room. I looked at myself in the mirror, my long blonde hair is all messy in its bun, my eyes were wide but i look horrible with out any foudation. I put all my make up on, and got changed into my sweats and ran downstairs to see my little sister lying on the sofa. She was called ruby, my parents must of liked precious stones cause we were both names after them. She was 15 and my twim but we look nothing alike and i am 5 minutes older!! We barelys talk and when we do we end up fighting. She has dark red hair, with black highlights in. Brown eyes with huge eyelashes. I walk straight into the kitchen and get my breakfast, i eat it all and walk over to the sink to wash up. Loads of empty bowls were lying there so why not clean them. I run the tap on hot and i start washing the dishes with gloves on, then the gloves got all funny of the inside so i took them off and felt the water it was freezing!! The hot tap was definatly on!!

'W-w-w-w' i stood there in shock i turned the tap off and ran to my room.

'That was strange' i thought to myself

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