Mc Donalds Girl


1. Kids -.-

Arianas P.O.V

"Hey you! Get out of there right now! Don't you dare take off your pants!" I cautioned a little girl in the slides.

She just chuckled and laid one right in the slide. Kids are so annoying!

"Who brought you here!" I asked the little girl.

She pointed at a mans whos' back was facing toward us.

"Lets go," I said grabbing her hand.

I walked over to the man and tapped him in the shoulder.

"Is this child yours?" 


"Then I suppose you can take these napkins." I handed him a pile of napkins."And this spray." I handed him a Clorox spray. "And make your self at home."

He looked at me for a brief moment to see if i was joking and walked over to the poop. I watched as he struggled scooping the poop in the garbage and laughed before i walked over to help.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Your new at this huh?" 

"I guess you don't know who I am."

"I guess I don't"

"Well I am Nial Horan and I'm part of One Direction.And I don't take crap from anyone" He spat

How cocky. I don't like this guy already.

"I guess you don't know who I am." I mimicked

"I guess I don't" He copied

"Well I am Ariana Grande and I'm part of the McDonalds staff.And I don't clean anyone's crap"I spat back.

"Well isn't that what your paid to do?"

"You take that back!" I glared.

"Oh..But I won't."

That's when I couldn't help myself and threw a Big Mac at his leather jacket.

"Hey, I just got this washed!" He declared.

"Oh I'm sorry. Should I take that back to the dry cleaner and reschedule you manepede while I'm at it?"  I chuckled.

"Owh!"I yelled. 

He threw a McChicken right at my face.

"My eye! My eye!" I hollered.

"Oh my. I'm so sor-" Once he leaned in close i spilled a bottle of Sprite on his head.

"Oh my I'm sorry!" I chuckled.

After our little fuss we went to the family restroom to wash off. After what seemed like hours of akward silents the man-I mean- boy actually said something.

"I'm sorry mate.That was really childish of me,"

"Ya don't say mate." I said trying to copy his British accent.

"We need to work on that. What about at my house tonight? I'm having a party."

"That could maybe be arranged." I winked.

"Whats your number."

I gave him my number and watched him walk out with a child who said her name was Lux. Then my phone vibrated. 

British Dude:I already Mss u! </3

I couldn't help but turn beat red. It's only been a minute, I laughed to myself.

"No phones during work hour." The manger yelled.

I quickly texted back

Me:I have that kind of vibe on people. ;)

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