She will be loved

'She walked down the stairs in a long blue gown. I stared at her, awestruck at her beauty. I felt myself pull away from Alex as I made my way towards the beauty queen standing in front of me. Her smile was dazzling. She was perfect. Perfect for me. I had to have her. No matter what.'

Her heavenly voice echoed in my ear, "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am Alex's mother. I presume that you must be Harry, her boyfriend?

Things had been perfect for Elizabeth when she met her 'soul mate' Andrew. Leaving their daughter in the hands of her grandparents, they decided to lead a happy and carefree life. Well, that is until he turned out to be a maniac, a psychopath, and an abusive drinker. Elizabeth was stuck with him. She could not escape his grasp due to the fear caused by his nature.

When Elizabeth meets Harry, after countless denials, she realizes she can be happy too. Happier than when she was with Andrew during their college days. But would the age difference permit this? Would H


5. Chapter 5

It barely came out as a whisper and I did not think she had heard me but I realized otherwise when I could suddenly feel the temperature of the restaurant rise by ten degrees.

  "Why?"   Alex's POV:   Gauging the reactions to my question-a sharp intake of breath, a sigh, mouth open like a gaping fish which was big enough for the flies to enter followed by shutting the mouth so tight, that I could almost hear that person's teeth clenching against each other. I wasn't aware of who responded that way, and that too in a repeated manner, since, for some reason, the nail beds I never paid any attention to earlier in my life, suddenly seemed extremely fascinating to me.   "Oh my God! Harry Styles, can we please have a photograph with you? " the familiar squeals of the girls was deafening. Don't get me wrong, I love the fans but sometimes I can relate to Bernadette Rostenkowski, you know?   Like when Howard's mother repeatedly shouts for them and ends up embarrassing the poor couple.    Bernadette=Me   Howard=Harry   Embarrassing mother=Fans; you love them, but sometimes wish for some peace.   I don't really know where my mother falls into all this,  and I can't really figure out either.    Two of the fans seemed distant and had their attention on something else. I realized that my mother was still sitting there. Well, if the fans were around, even the paparazzi would be lurking somewhere closeby waiting to capture their prey. I lightly nudged Harry when I heard the click of a camera's and discretely reminded him that Elizabeth was still sitting there. God knows what sort of juicy news the tabloids will upload if they see my mother along with us at the dinner table.    'Harry and Alex finally tying the knot? Unknown woman sitting with them at the dinner table'   'Is Harry cheating on Alex with an unknown woman?'   'Is she the woman Harry Styles is supposedly married to?'   Only the media can come up with such ridiculous stories.    We called the body guards who escorted us out of the restaurant without being mobbed by the paparazzi. We decided to go back to our apartment for the time being till the mobs cooled down and invited my mother to come along despite my protests. My mother was still fazed by the amount of photographers and fans crowding but we were now used to it.    Sort of.   "Well, we are extremely sorry about that. We should have taken better precaution knowing that this would have happened." Harry apologized.    "Oh, no I think's perfectly alright! I am just slightly dazzled by this. Okay, maybe a bit more than slightly. " My mother replied politely. She still seemed fazed by all the commotion around her. I reached out to switch on the radio and almost laughed out loud when  I heard the song playing.   Get out, get out, get out of  my head,   And fall into my arms instead,    I don't , I don't, don't know what it is,   But I need that one thing,    And you got that, one thing.   Harry had been groaning beside me ever since the song had started playing. I loved annoying him when it came down to singing in my coarse voice compared to his angelic one. I heard a soft chuckle behind me and saw that my mother was trying extremely hard to not burst out laughing. I could only imagine how I sounded.    Probably worse than the backpack in Dora the Explorer. Well, my singing would technically cause the declaration of an emergency and would be a bigger threat to the world than the worst of all threats.    I did not blame my mother. Soon, the track changed, to one of my favourites.    No light, no light in your bright blue eyes,   I never knew daylight could be so violent.   A revelation in the light of day,   You can't choose what stays and what fades away.   "Omg, I love this song!" Elizabeth squealed from the backseat. "It's Alex's favourite too. " Harry replied on my behalf. I glanced his way just to see him smirk at me knowingly.    The drive was silent then as we drove. I could not believe it. I never thought I would ever meet my mother again. Heck, I didn't even know if she was alive until that phone call a month ago.   *flashback*   I was giggling uncontrollably as I straddled Harry and tried to prevent him from escaping. "See I am so strong, I can hold you down and pin you ti the ground. I am stronger than John Ce...AAAAHHH". In one swift movement, I was pinned under Harry with him hovering over me like a thundercloud. Like the ones in cartoon shows. "You were saying something, babe?" I could not control my rapid breaths as he pressed light kisses along my jawline. My mind was getting cloudy and I knew where this was heaaded. "Who are you stronger than babe? "    "Johnny Bravo." With all forms of haziness, cloudiness and dizziness engulfing me, I did not realize what I had said until he started laughing like Mojojojo plotting the powerpuff girls' murder. I flushed furiously when I realized my mistake. "It's your fault Harry! You can't distract me like that. It is so not fair!"    "Okay, okay, I promise I won't laugh anymore. But you have to admit that what you said was hilarious." With that, contradicting his word spoken 5 seconds ago, he started laughing again. I just sat there glaring at him, wishing I could turn him to a statue like Medusa could. Probably if I had stared for a few more minutes, he would been a statue.    He was saved by a shrill ringing which intervened in our personal bubble. Leaving the now huffing and puffing Harry, I made my way down the stairs to retrieve my phone, but not before sticking my tongue out at Harry like a 5 year old who burst out laughing again.   Unknown caller.   "Hello, Alexis here, may I know who is on the line? ". A long pause followed and I thought the line was dead before I heard a female voice on the other side. "Alexis, is that really you? It's me, Elizabeth, your mother. "    Time stood still. I could not believe it. Was this some kind of a joke? What was going on? How did she find my number?  Is she here? In New York? Does she want to meet me? How is she? Heck, who is she? Is she like me? Is she completely different? What would happen  now. I don't know how much time I stood there without replying just replaying her voice in my head. Was my father alive, there?  Was everything okay? I stood there, unmoving, it may have been minutes, hours, I had no idea. It felt as though the ground had shifted from beneath me. I felt like I was standing in a hollow cramped space with no where else to go. I don't know if I was angry, for all those years of her absence, or relieved that she was alive, or happy that she atleast tried to contact me, or sad, that I didn't know what the outcome would be of this conversation. I just knew that this conversation would be ine that would change my life.    Forever.   I quietly made my way back to our room where Harry looked like he had just managed to stop laughing after countless trials. His face was flushed red, his hair was messed up from literally rolling on the floor laughing and he was short of breath. His husky voice brought me back to Earth. "Who was it?Why do you look like Scooby Doo who has just seen a zombie? "   I could not even bring myself to laugh at Harry's pathetic attempt at a joke as I finally felt tears I was trying to hold back finally threatening to burst.    "Harry, it was my mother. She wants to meet me next month."   
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