She will be loved

'She walked down the stairs in a long blue gown. I stared at her, awestruck at her beauty. I felt myself pull away from Alex as I made my way towards the beauty queen standing in front of me. Her smile was dazzling. She was perfect. Perfect for me. I had to have her. No matter what.'

Her heavenly voice echoed in my ear, "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am Alex's mother. I presume that you must be Harry, her boyfriend?

Things had been perfect for Elizabeth when she met her 'soul mate' Andrew. Leaving their daughter in the hands of her grandparents, they decided to lead a happy and carefree life. Well, that is until he turned out to be a maniac, a psychopath, and an abusive drinker. Elizabeth was stuck with him. She could not escape his grasp due to the fear caused by his nature.

When Elizabeth meets Harry, after countless denials, she realizes she can be happy too. Happier than when she was with Andrew during their college days. But would the age difference permit this? Would H


2. Chapter 2

Alex's POV:

  I swirled one last time in front of the mirror and let the loose skirt of the beautiful red dress brush against my stilettos. I looked at the clock hanging over my mirror. 7:56. Harry would be here any minute. As I turned to get the final preparations, the bell rang. I ran down the stairs careful to not slip and break my ankle on my anniversary.   Ouch. That would've hurt real bad. But I bet that if Louis found out that I had been wearing my comfortable-oh, how I long to get back into those-sneakers, he would bury me alive six feet under. Right now, I really couldn't figure which was worse.    What the hell is wrong with me? Damn, I really had to start sorting out my priorities.    I opened the door to reveal a gorgeous looking Harry in front of me. In his black tux, he looked like a Greek god just waiting to adorn me with his charms. I couldn't help but stare m at his perfectly carved body. Looking at the growing excitment on his face, I knew that he had planned something amazing for me.    Stop undressing him with your eyes Alex, get a grip. You have him to yourself all night anyway.    Trying to control the completely inappropriate thoughts clouding my mind, I can't help but feel that familiar tinge of happiness flowing through my body when Harry effortlessly snaked his arms, holding me close by my waist. I bet my heart would have popped out right then and there and fallen at his feet, right at his service if he hadn't pulled us towards the car.   Everytime we touch,   I get this feeling.   Everytime we kiss,   I swear I could fly.   Can't you feel my heartbeat slow   I can't let you go,   Need you by my side.   I could not help but stare in awe as I entered the hotel Sheraton where Harry had planned something for our anniversary. Well, it was a surprise. Obviously.    The hall was decorated in golden and red. My favourite colour combination. It had balloons hung all over the place. There was a huge fountain placed at the centre of the hall where scented water flowed. A massive 40 piece orchestra was already playing the songs off my all time favourite playlist.    Harry took my hand and took me to the dancefloor. I had to admit, when I tried to dance, I was never really successful. My attempt was just like Spongebob trying to ace his driver's test. Sounds pathetic right? Well, I dance worse than that. So, you basically get the picture. Looking into Harry's emerald green eyes wasn't really helping either.    Get a grip girl. Tripping over your own feet and stammering at the same time isn't gonna make you look any better than Rajesh Koothrapali. Okay. Concentrate on your feet Alex, I bet you can get through one dance without falling into his arms. Oh those arms. I wouldn't actually mind falling into them that much. Wait, what?! You are supposed to create an impression here woman. Calm your goosies down and go on with the music.    Right, left, back, twirl. Right, left, back, twirl. Right, left, back, twirl-See it aint that hard right? I can do it as long as my two left feet decide to obey.   Of course they didn't obey as I fell facefirst. Thank god Harry had quick reflexes and he managed to catch me before I would have broken my face. Well that would have cost quite a surgery.    "I know you love me babe but falling to your knees for me already?" Damn that smirk. He knew my weakness. That smirk will cause the death of me one day, I swear. I knew he was doing this on purpose knowing the effect he has on me.    I couldn't give him the satisfaction of winning so soon. I wasn't giving up that early. Maybe he has a good lead cause of the smirk, but no! No distractions.    "You wish Styles."   Seriously Alex? Thats the best you can come up with? Time to lose infinity-zero to him now. Well, Mr Wits you can plan to end your vacations anytime soon. No pressure. Just saying.    Harry was staring down at me with a really weirded out expression. Oh lord. What did I do now?    "Why do you look like you just saw two horny ghosts making out in the haunted mansion?"   I swear I ain't exagerrating! He does look like that right now. Wait is he laughing at me right now? He is going to pay for this.    "Gosh Alex I didn't mean to, it's just that you look hilarious when you are trying to call your 'Mr.Wits' back from vacation. Too scared you'll lose to me, babe? "    Wait, WHAT?    I said it out loud? How more stupid can I get? Well, hopefully not more than I already feel right now.    The rest of the night was a beautiful blur. Dancing, music, Harry's eyes, food, decoration, Harry's hot looks, the dress, the attention, Harry's smirk-wait, how many times did Harry come on the list? Multiple times?    Predictable.    I loved him with everything I had. I meant everything. And he knew that. Very well. And I was perfectly alright with it too.   
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