She will be loved

'She walked down the stairs in a long blue gown. I stared at her, awestruck at her beauty. I felt myself pull away from Alex as I made my way towards the beauty queen standing in front of me. Her smile was dazzling. She was perfect. Perfect for me. I had to have her. No matter what.'

Her heavenly voice echoed in my ear, "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am Alex's mother. I presume that you must be Harry, her boyfriend?

Things had been perfect for Elizabeth when she met her 'soul mate' Andrew. Leaving their daughter in the hands of her grandparents, they decided to lead a happy and carefree life. Well, that is until he turned out to be a maniac, a psychopath, and an abusive drinker. Elizabeth was stuck with him. She could not escape his grasp due to the fear caused by his nature.

When Elizabeth meets Harry, after countless denials, she realizes she can be happy too. Happier than when she was with Andrew during their college days. But would the age difference permit this? Would H


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1



Harry's POV

"Alex! Come back here!" I managed to shout in between fists of laughter. "Hahaha no! You'll have to come and get me! " her melodious voice echoed through the empty house. It was the middle of the night and I had woken up to Alex drawing an Egyptian masterpiece on my face with markers. "You're gonna pay for this I swear" I whispered in her ear as  I finally grabbed her by the waist. She struggled to get free but I held on tightly to her and then suddenly started to tickle her. Haha well she definitely did not expect that. "Harry. Please. Stop. I. Am. Sorry. I. Won't. Do. This. Again. I. Promise."
She managed to say all this while laughing uncontrollably. After about 10 minutes of her pleading, I finally decided to let her go. I pecked her lips and carried her bridal style to our room upstairs. The antique clock on my wall chimed once and I heard Alex whisper in my year," Happy one year babe." " Happy one year to you  too love " I replied as I saw the beautiful smile on her face.

Alex's POV

'What deed have I ever done to deserve someone as amazing and perfect as Harry. I mean its Harry Styles! HARRY FUDGING STYLES! No ordinary girl like me can ever get someone as perfect as him. I did not deserve him.' I must have zoned out cause Harry was waving his hands in front of my face. "All okay babe? "  he worriedly asked. "Yeah. Just nervous about meeting my parents. I guess. " My parents had left me when I was a little kid. They were not ready for a child and they did not really want me. They left me with my grandparents and I had been living with them ever since. Suddenly, two weeks ago, they finally decided to contact me and they persuaded me to meet them once. Although I was extremely pissed, I decided to give them a chance. "We have to meet my parents this weekend. You remember that right? " I asked Harry as he tucked me into bed and crawled up beside me, hugging me close. "'Course I do babe. I have this Saturday all free for you. Now stop worrying about it and go to sleep." Harry said while nuzzling his curls into the back of my neck. "Love you Alex..."  the last words I heard before I finally drifted off to sleep.

Alex's POV

I woke up groggily to the sunlight streaming in through the half opened curtains. I felt the empty bed at Harry's end and found a note instead. 
'Morning babe. I am sorry to leave you and go but I had some errands to run before tonight. I have left a dress on the sofa in the living room, wear it and be ready by 8 pm. I am taking you out tonight. Xoxo.

Your Hazza:)'

I ran down the stairs two at a time and made it to the living room without falling, surprisingly. On the sofa, I saw the most beautiful dress ever. I had seen it at a really expensive boutique before and unable to afford it, I had to leave it there since I would not let Harry pay for me at any cost. It had a deep neck with a mesh net at the top, was sleeveless and went up to my heels. It had a deep ruby red colour with a black belt. I absolutely adored the dress. 

I had nothing to do today since my boss had given me a holiday today. I made myself a hot mug of coffee and sat back thinking about all the things that had happened in the past one year.

I had been brought up by my grandparents since I could ever remember. Two years ago I moved out of my grandparents house to start a new life here in London. I managed to scrape by, buying a tiny house and barely managing to scrape by. Then, suddenly, the doors of fortune opened up for me. I got a scholarship to study at the London university and I got an internship at the London Laboratory which paid me higher than what others were paid even after 5 years. 

I slumped into the club in my work clothes taking in the unusual change in the surroundings. There were more people here than i had ever seen and most of the population consisted of teenage girls. Ignoring the unusual change, I made my way over to my usual seat by the bar and ordered my usual martini. Worn out by the long day full of classes and the job, I
 drifted off into my own world. My thoughts were interrupted by a gorgeous voice echoing through the club, which was soon followed by ear-piercing screams from those girls. Following my gaze towards the stage, I saw five gorgeous, no. Gorgeous was an understatement. 'Perfect' boys mesmerize the entire crowd through their heavenly voices. There was nothing I could do except sit and awe at them. 

Gorgeous curls, a smirk, emerald green eyes, extremely cute dimples and the perfectly chiseled body. I found myself having the most inappropriate thoughts for the sexiest boy I had ever sat my eyes upon. I hadn't realized I was staring when the boys finished their last song. For a second I could not believe it but I swore I caught Harry Styles wink at me. Wait, WHAT? ME? 

The nerd? With an internship at a laboratory and studying on a scholarship? I was still in my work clothes which consisted of a blouse and a skirt which went up to just above my knees. My hair was up in a messy bun  and my make up had worn off. I was the one with a past, where my parents had left me because they thought they could not handle a child. I was the one who had lost my little brother to a bunch of gangsters when he was barely 15 years old. I could not even bring myself to think about that awful night when he ran away from home. My grandparents and I had tried to reason with him but he was brainwashed by then. We had, since then, learned to accept things and let go of him. But there was never even one day when i would wake up in the morning hoping to find him somewhere, hopefully close by. But somewhere. 

I stared in awe as I saw Harry Styles come over to me. I had heard about his numerous flings and I did not expect the wink to be anything more than Harry just trying to hit on me.

Harry:Well honey, if you go on staring at me like that, I am sure there would be a hole at the back of my head soon.

I stared  at him awestruck. Again. I really needed to get a hold on my thoughts right now. No no look away, before he catches you again. Where  the hell did all my wits decide to go on a vacation exactly when I needed them? Come on, come on, I am sure I can work something out!

Alex: I know you just caught me 'staring' at you and well it may be rude, but dont worry, its because I either want vigourous sex with you, hate you, or cause I am just trying to find out which circus you come from. So which one do you think it is?

His chuckle echoed in my ear as he whispered in my ear,"Well, lets hope its just the first." Well, wasn't it a bit too obvious? 


Inspite the cliched reply, i still found my body reacting to this in the worst of ways. My heart was beating wildly. Three more of his one liners and I'll melt at his feet. I tried to control my breathing inspite the proximity but I could not really help it and I was sure he sensed it too. 

Conversations flowed. He was definitely a natural at flirting, whereas me? I was an ordinary girl trying to place myself in this world. I  was never really open with anyone and I usually did not tell people things about my life. But for some reason, with Harry, it was different. I felt myself opening up to him. Telling him things I have never told anyone before.

It's easier to be broken,

It's easier to hide,

Looking at you, holding my breath

For once in my life I am scared to death

I'm taking a chance, letting you inside.


Harry's POV:

Alex was unlike anyone I have met before. Being a part of One Direction, this says alot since I have met hundreds of girls before. But she was definately different. The way she smiled, the way she opened up to me, the way she was happy although alot of things had happened to her. The feeling was amazing. 

I'm feeling alive all over again

As deep as the sky under my skin

Like being in love, she said, for the first time

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right

Where I belong with you tonight

Like being in love to feel for the first time

The night wore on until I found out that we had been talking for over 3 hours. As she realized the time, she quickly excused herself after promising to call me later. I could not help but grin like an idiot as I made my way back over to the boys. Louis was the first one to notice the stupid grin on my face as he understood that something interesting had happened. After a long interrogation by the boys, we finally made our way back to our homes. I was still smiling like an idiot  as I went to bed. My phone suddenly beeped and I smiled even wider, if possible, when I saw the name which popped up.

Alex: I reached home safely. Thanks for tonight. Goodnight. :)

The world that I see inside you

Waiting to come to life

Waking me up to dreaming

Reality in your eyes. 

No one's POV:

Things were perfect. Both of them were extremely happy. Everyday was like the first day. They met, gazed and fell in love. Things were going great. And they would go great.


Hey guys! This is my first trial and I would appreciate suggestions and comments about it! :)


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