Life as a Belieber rebel

Desi- Gabe? Gabe- Yes Babe? Desi- I seen your umm ex! Gabe- WHAT? When where... Desi - Well the store and she also told me to back off. Gabe- Oh well baby you don't have too. Desi- awee! Gabe- I love you. Desi- I Love you too Boo! How about we go out! Gabe-Sure!!! As Desi and Gabe get ready for there date Desi's mom calls! Desi- Hello? Mom- Hey you need to listen.. Desi- Yeah?? Mom- Well I put you in a program so if you get in trouble again you have to go live with someone.. Desi- WTF? Mom are you kidding me your like putting me up for adoption. Mom- Desi we both know its good for you. Desi- Whatever bye. *Hangs the phone up* Desi puts a purple dress on that's fits perfect with black heels! Gabe where's skinny jeans with Jordan's white a black shirt. Desi- well did a 10 year old pick out what your wearing? Gabe- I'm only 15 I don't got no suit.. Desi- kidding.. *skips drive there* Notes~ I wonder what's gonna go on at dinner is Desi gonna tell Gabe abou


8. chap 8

I'm one the plane now! I have not been to sleep...

Desi- Hi umm when are we leaving?

Lady- We are just waiting for 3 other people! About 10 more minutes!

Desi- Okay well Im gonna take a nap!

Lady- Sure!!

I write on Facebook! 

"Off to somewhere. I love you baby! Miss you already! Shutting my phone off taking a nap.. Waiting for 3 bums to get on this plane.. I don't know who they are but w.e"

Shut my phone down!

Closed my eyes.. Next thing I know! We are in the air and I turn my phone on its like 2 a.m..

My phone was blowing up!
Missed call from Lexi(83)
Text messages from lexi (103)

OMB what is this all about! 
Looking at the message I read one 


I call her and tell her I will call her later!! 

Desi- Hi did they get on?

Lady- Yes sweetie they are out back you can go if you could like!!

I go to the bathroom first because I look like a bum! 
Fix my hair!
I'm wearing purple and blue shorts and a white tank top that says "Belieber Bitch" 

I didn't know what to wear and it's my favorite shirt because I got it at the concert! Not like there gonna be any hot guys!

I hear my phone buzz!! 
Lexi "record I wanna fell like I'm with you! "

I pull my iPod out! Start recording!! 
Saying random stuff like always

"Jerry is swagg" 

I start to walk to the back of the plane. I stopped because I heard my phone go off! I had my music on!!
I put headphones in!!
My favorite song came on!!

Love me like you do!

I walk in the back of the plane..
Drop my iPod..

Grabbed my phone....


Wonder what happened?

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