Life as a Belieber rebel

Desi- Gabe?

Gabe- Yes Babe?

Desi- I seen your umm ex!

Gabe- WHAT? When where...

Desi - Well the store and she also told me to back off.

Gabe- Oh well baby you don't have too.

Desi- awee!

Gabe- I love you.

Desi- I Love you too Boo! How about we go out!


As Desi and Gabe get ready for there date Desi's mom calls!

Desi- Hello?

Mom- Hey you need to listen..

Desi- Yeah??

Mom- Well I put you in a program so if you get in trouble again you have to go live with someone..

Desi- WTF? Mom are you kidding me your like putting me up for adoption.

Mom- Desi we both know its good for you.

Desi- Whatever bye.
*Hangs the phone up*

Desi puts a purple dress on that's fits perfect with black heels!

Gabe where's skinny jeans with Jordan's white a black shirt.

Desi- well did a 10 year old pick out what your wearing?

Gabe- I'm only 15 I don't got no suit..

Desi- kidding..

*skips drive there*


I wonder what's gonna go on at dinner is Desi gonna tell Gabe abou


7. chap 7

abe *POV*

She leaves in five minutes! I just wanna die...

Gabe- I love you.

Desi- I love you too!

We do what we have to do! 

We walk in..

Desi *pov*


Desi- Jenn I'm here!

Jenn- Great I hope you like the people! You have to take a airplane!

Desi- A WHAT??? NO

Jenn- yes you'll be fine you have two minutes to say bye!

Desi- DAD!

Dad- I just wanted to say byee!! I will fly out to see you!

Gabe- I love you Desi.

Desi- I love you Gabe!! 

Dad- Love you!!

Desi- I love you too! 

I kiss my dad goodbye.. He leaves that was harder than I thought! :/ now it's time to say bye to Gabe..

Desi- Im going to miss you soo much! I love you. I will text you as soon I as I can!

Gabe- Im going to miss you too! Love you!

We kiss goodbye!!!

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