Life as a Belieber rebel

Desi- Gabe?

Gabe- Yes Babe?

Desi- I seen your umm ex!

Gabe- WHAT? When where...

Desi - Well the store and she also told me to back off.

Gabe- Oh well baby you don't have too.

Desi- awee!

Gabe- I love you.

Desi- I Love you too Boo! How about we go out!


As Desi and Gabe get ready for there date Desi's mom calls!

Desi- Hello?

Mom- Hey you need to listen..

Desi- Yeah??

Mom- Well I put you in a program so if you get in trouble again you have to go live with someone..

Desi- WTF? Mom are you kidding me your like putting me up for adoption.

Mom- Desi we both know its good for you.

Desi- Whatever bye.
*Hangs the phone up*

Desi puts a purple dress on that's fits perfect with black heels!

Gabe where's skinny jeans with Jordan's white a black shirt.

Desi- well did a 10 year old pick out what your wearing?

Gabe- I'm only 15 I don't got no suit..

Desi- kidding..

*skips drive there*


I wonder what's gonna go on at dinner is Desi gonna tell Gabe abou


4. Chap 4

It's 5 am!!!

Desi *POV*

My dad just got home. We talked for along time. It's like 7:30 a.m

Desi- Well Daddy I'm gonna go love you! 

Dad- Love you too...

So I went to chill with Gabe... 


Gabe- it's 8:35 a.m

Desi- fine ill leave.

Gabe- Noooo

Desi- Mhmm Kay!

I love Gabe. He always there for me.. Ugg we have an hour until we leave to see when Ieave.. 

Gabe- Is Lexi going?

• Lexi is Desi best friend in the word like they knew everything. They went to a Justin Bieber concert in Boston! For Desi birthday•

Desi- Yeah!!! I'm going to to pick her up! 

Desi drove to Lexi's house and got out to see Lexi's mom and Grandmother! 

Desi- Heyy everyone!

Lexi's mom- oh my your eye what happened?

Desi- Uhhh I was making my bed and I was stepping on the sheet and I pulled up as I stepped of the sheet and punched myself! 

Lexi- Let's go!!

Desi- Byee

Lexi- What the fuck happend.

Desi- you don't believe me?

Lexi- Desi you don't even make your bed..

Desi- true.

I told her the whole story.. The hard part was telling her about my mom..

Desi- lexi 

Lexi- yeah.

Desi- my mom put me in a pro-

Lexi- I already know. You butt called me.

Desi- Oh.

Lexi- and Jenn called me...

Lexi's *POV*

Lexi- This sucks ball..

Desi- Yeah I know..

Lexi- OMB 


Lexi- SWAG

Desi *POV*

Well our song came on as we pulled in Jenns office!

Desi- Here goes nothing..

Gabe- Wait 

Desi- what?

Gabe runs up to her and hugs her for five minutes. Even tho it felt like two seconds.

Desi- Babe I have to go.. 

Tears filled my eyes!! 


Lexi- I know you said and everything but she coming back out..

Gabe- Ohh yeah!!...

Gabes *POV*

I was scared she was not gonna come back out. So I didn't wan to let go! Good thing Lexi said something!!! 


Gabe- OMG 

lexi- OMB 

Desi- I leave in....


Wow. I wonder when she leaves.. I wonder why she lied..

What do you think so far?


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