Life as a Belieber rebel

Desi- Gabe?

Gabe- Yes Babe?

Desi- I seen your umm ex!

Gabe- WHAT? When where...

Desi - Well the store and she also told me to back off.

Gabe- Oh well baby you don't have too.

Desi- awee!

Gabe- I love you.

Desi- I Love you too Boo! How about we go out!


As Desi and Gabe get ready for there date Desi's mom calls!

Desi- Hello?

Mom- Hey you need to listen..

Desi- Yeah??

Mom- Well I put you in a program so if you get in trouble again you have to go live with someone..

Desi- WTF? Mom are you kidding me your like putting me up for adoption.

Mom- Desi we both know its good for you.

Desi- Whatever bye.
*Hangs the phone up*

Desi puts a purple dress on that's fits perfect with black heels!

Gabe where's skinny jeans with Jordan's white a black shirt.

Desi- well did a 10 year old pick out what your wearing?

Gabe- I'm only 15 I don't got no suit..

Desi- kidding..

*skips drive there*


I wonder what's gonna go on at dinner is Desi gonna tell Gabe abou


3. Chap 3

Gabes *POV*

Desi- She was with Joe..

Gabe- What?

Desi- yeah.

Gabe- Joe your ex boyfriend?

Desi- yeah.

Gabe- oh. 

I'm so pissed that Desi got in a fight. But I told Katie not to start because when Desi starts to fight she fights...

Desi- OMB OMB!!

Gabe- WHAT!!


Gabe- you scared me!! 

Desi- *starts to sing* Well, let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind
But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right..

Gabe- Your such a Belieber-Dork..

Desi- Looks at him. *Like WTF did you just say*

Gabe- Chill babe chill!

Desi- look you made me miss the rest of the song! 

Gabe- Sorry where am I taking you?

Desi- my moms so I can get everything then to my Dads please? 

Gabe- Sure thing! 

•skips the rest of the drive•

Desi's *POV* 

Desi- Im getting my shit and going to dads! You don't want me here! 

Mom- I never said that Desirae. I just want the best for you.

Desi- Right because giving me to random people is the best? 

Mom- it is.

Desi- whatever

Mom- why do you have a black eye.

Desi- like you care.

Mom- I really don't.

Desi- Than why ask!

Mom- Byee 

Desi- bye bitch!

Mom- Really?

Desi- Buh Bye!

I can't believe her ugg maybe this is a good thing.. Who knows!

Gabes *POV*

It sucks that Desi has to go find out when she leaves tomorrow. I never thought this would happen. Will we still be together? I hope so! 

Desi- I just got off the phone with my dad he's not home to help me with my stuff so can you?

Gabe- Yeah did you think I was really just gonna drop you off?

Desi- umm maybe

Gabe- Wow. I'm not a asshole.

Desi- ...

Gabe- Really?

Desi- IM KIDDING....

They got there and started to pack and unpack! It's like 5 am...


Oh damn Katie was with Desi ex. Desi and her mom don't get along well..

Wonder what's gonna happen next. 


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