Mistaken for a Model

Meet 17 year old orphan Rose Clark.
Meet her crush, Alexandra Nole, and Alexandra's best friend Garret Matthews


1. Chapter One


I was lying on a patch of green grass, my skirt wooshing around from the wind.
The sun was up high in the sky, my black ray bans on my eyes. Animal comunication to each other. Kids laughing and sounds like they are having fun.
 I can hear the chains of the swing squeak as they were pushed to soar higher into the sky. I sit and think about all the things I missed as a child and how much fun I could of had but insted I was put in foster care and moved families very so often so I never really experienced fun and love with a family.

Today was my last day with my current foster 'family' before I moved again to yet another foster family who won't want to keep me for longer than completly nesasary. I mean who wants to adopt a 17 year old girl when they could adopt a young child . I stopped carring about that years ago though ,and in a years time I'll be able to live on my own. I have enough money of course with my inheratance and the money I have earnt in the few jobs I've manged to get while moving around.

I placed my ray bans on the top of my head, my black hair going wild in the wind. Leaning my elbows against my knees and sighed. This is so depresing I thought while I watch a boy maybe a bit older then me run behind a girl, placing his arms around her waist from behind and swinging her 'round in circles making them both laugh.
I rubbed my eyes and got up out of my sitting position. I started walking towards the path, looking around the lively park and shaking my head ever so slightly. I could hear the couple laughing and talking now because I was walking towards them on the path.
"Stop, you're going to make me melt because you're so beautiful." I heard a familiar voice say. I lifted my head and shook my head, bit my lip and my eyebrows furrow together. It was the guy I was currently living with bestfriend: Garret Matthews.
His such a man whore. I swear he hasn't been in a decent relastionship in his 18 years of being alive.
I must of been staring a bit to long because, I walked straight into a skater boy and we both landed on the floor awkwardly... I ended up upon him, my face meeting his neck. One of his arms around my back and the other on the floor. I slowly rolled off of him to the side that didn't have his skateboard on and rubbed the back of my neck and head slowly. I didn't hear Garret or his girly, piece of usage. So I knew they saw what happend.

I turned my head to look at the guy I accidently walked into and my breath catches in my throat. It... it was my crush: Alexandra Nole. His blonde hair under his black hair, his unquie eyes that were a mixture of different shades of blue and green. Perfect full lips, his body not to muscly and nor too skinny.
"I..I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking and I accidently bumped into you," I took a breath "Are you alright?" I finally asked blushing fully. He rubbed his neck and took off his helmet, and ran his fingers though his hair. I envied those fingers... Omg did I really just think that? Blushing even more.
"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you? I didn't hit you that hard, did I Rosey.?" He leaned foward and touched my head softly looking for injures, my breath hitched inside my throat again and when he leaned back and looked up, I got finally breath. "Oh hey, Matthew, and....Tam?" I heard Alexandra say, but the last part was like a question. I lifted my head up and my eyes met those light grey eyes that only belonged to one and only Garette Matthews.

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