loving red head

Andi is 12 years old due to her late birth day and she has just gotten her letter to hogwarts. she has just moved to london and came from the amercican school defey she is coming to hogwarts for fun and excitment but she might fing her true love


2. the train

    i woke up at 4 am this morning ready to go, then i had to say good bye to my mom and almost to my brother when some really old owl came to our window and brought him his letter saying that he is welcome to come as a below class student, which means he takes classes that kids that are below the average kids that go to hogwarts. so my mom had to give him her old wand hopeing that it worked for him and her first year books. then we were off to the train i saw this man talking to his son and i sat with them on the train, i sent calleb off to sit with the other little kids, " my name is andi, andi bella shu" i told them  " im albus severus potter" the kid said to me, " Lily Luna potter" his sister said, " im james sirious" there older brother said to me " and you are a potter too?" i asked " oh yes " he anwsered. " you said your middle name was luna?" i asked lily " Yea after some girl my parents went to school with" she anwsered " lovegood?" "yea how did you know?" she asked " thats my mom" i told her " no kidding but why dont you have an english accent" "because i grew up in america and i came here to go to hogwarts, i used to go to defey" i told her. we talked for about 15 minutes when 2 other kids came and sat with us, there was a girl named rose weasly and she was so pretty and a boy named hugo weasly, he was do cute i nearly screamed. they were cousins i guess but the weaslys were red heads. they all knew my mom. i wonder why i didnt know about them

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