loving red head

Andi is 12 years old due to her late birth day and she has just gotten her letter to hogwarts. she has just moved to london and came from the amercican school defey she is coming to hogwarts for fun and excitment but she might fing her true love


1. defey

  my name is Andi Shu and I have just moved to london, I came from the USA from my old school, it was called defey, alot of witches went there but no one knows, my best friend decided to live life as a normal human and give up on magic so she gave all her powers to my little brother so he would have a better chance to get into hogwarts with me. his name is calleb, and he is looking forward to meeting draco moyfows son, because our mom knows all about these people i dont know how when ever she talks about her time at hogwarts she seemed like a weird kid that no one liked but she said she knew every one, her name is luna lovegood, she married my daddy his name was lawrence shu, but he was killed last year playing soccer, i start school tomorrow and i cant wait my mom is going to work there too so that she can see how it is and bring back some of the peace to the school. i loved Defey so much i was the number one broom flyer in my age group in the nation!!!! my life was prety good until 5th grade ended, then i had to start a middle school and highschool, but the others in the USA were all really crummy and bad, so my mom told us we were moving. she told us that she only moved because of defey being an amazing school for wizards ans witches but i read her diary and she mentioned this guy named neville long bottom, and how he was so cute she even put a picture of hi  in it and he was adorable i have to agree with my mom on that. she tells us about how defey was a great school and how she wanted us to get a head start on magic,im so glad that we did because i followed hogwarts on twitter and they are learning things in 1sr year that i know, defey taught all the spells to us and made us memorize them, tought us the rules of quedige and had a team, i like the speed team better like i said i was number 1 in the nation. and in our last year if we were above avrage we could take wizards year 1 and get credit for it, when i was only a -1 year i am defently going to miss defey as a school but i hope hogwarts is a great schoo, too so i will just have to find out

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