Fix A Heart (zayn malik)

Lina was running away from the terrible things at home.She sent out demo's to a couple record company's hoping to get discovered.She was hoping L.A. Reid would be the one.So she runs off to Alanta.Does she get discovered or not?Does someone mend her heart or will she stay like that forever?Read to find out!


1. Fix A Heart (Ch. 1)

Fix A Heart Ch. 1

This was my very first Fanfiction! So cut me some slack!


~Lina's POV~

As I was about to jump out my window, I took one last look at my now old room, then jumped. As soon as my feet hit the ground I took off running with my dark brown hair getting in my face. I took out my IPhone 4 and clicked on the map showing me where to go. It would take awhile by foot. By running/walking it would take me about 2 hours. It was long but it would be worth it. By the way I'm going to Atlanta, Georgia.

~1 & 1/2 hours later~

I'm so tired but I have to keep going! You could hear my black converse hitting the sidewalks. I'm dripping with sweat. My blue jean shorts firmly on my waist and my crop top flowing in the wind.

My brown eyes spotted a gas station. I walk in getting a bottle of water and walked up to the cash register, paying. I hurry out and gulp half the bottle down. Then I start running again.

~30 minutes later~

Oh my god! I'm finally here! I get a hotel near the studio, hoping the want me. I walk into my new hotel room not seeing anything major. A bed, a couch, a tv, a mini refrigerator, bathroom, & trash can.

I jumped onto the bed face first and then my phone rings.

"Ugh.... Why?" I mumbled.

I sat up and answered the phone, "Hello?" I said.

"Hello this is .........."


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Sorry it's short but hey it's only the first chapter! Sorry for all the laters too!

Well by my Nutella Unicorns ;D

~Erica ♥️♥️

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