Some day

"I just wish that we could show the world that we are in love. Louis looked at me in tears forming in his eyes. "It's just not fair Harry!" I nodded my in agreement. I pulled Louis into a hug and said, "Some day Louis." He smiled at me whispering, " Someday Harry. As for now you`'ll be my little secrets."


4. The show

Niall's pov:

I feel really bad for Louis and Harry. I mean you can tell that they are in love and want to be together. Sadly they can't be together. I turned around to see zayn talking to harry. Thats weired louis is usually around harry. I took a second look at harry snd saw thatchecwas crying and zayn was trying to comfort him.

I got scared and ran to simon. Thats where i saw louis siting their suit case and all crying hus eyes out. "Simon whats going on? Whyvdoes louis have his bags?" Simon lookedcat me with sinser eyes. Im sorry bht managment thinks louis is to nuch of acdistraction. So he has to leave the band its ehats best for harry."

I screamed at the top of my lungs. I figured i had to fo everything i could too keep the band together. "O SO YOUR SAYING YOUR GOING TO LISTEN TO THEN!!! DO YOU NOT REAMBER WHEN MANGMENT MADE LIAM GO INSANE?!!!!" Louis jumped in now helping me out. "OR WHAT ABOUT THE TINE NIALL HAD TO LEAVE THE BAND FOR NO REASON!!!! THE WHOLE BAND WENT MAD WHEN THAT HAPPENED!!!!!" I high fived louis for bring that up. He made a really a good point.

"Look you made some good points but my mind is made up. Louis im sorry but you have too lea....." Ouce again he got cut off. Only this tine it was harry. "Look Simon you may think that louis is a distraction. Only hes not i still get all my work fone and on time. Besides if he leaves the band then so will i!" Simonnlokked at the two of us still calm as csn be. " yea and so will me zayn and liam!" I shouted at simon niw he semned wirried. " okay okay ill think about it."

*2 days later*

"I thought it over and my choice is ......"

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