Some day

"I just wish that we could show the world that we are in love. Louis looked at me in tears forming in his eyes. "It's just not fair Harry!" I nodded my in agreement. I pulled Louis into a hug and said, "Some day Louis." He smiled at me whispering, " Someday Harry. As for now you`'ll be my little secrets."


9. Never let you go

Harry's pov:

"Wait how do you think the fans and mangement will react to us dating?" Louis asked me with a scared look in his eyes. I looked t him and then at the lads. Then i slowly made eye contact with him again. "Who cares? I don't as long as I have you." I pulled him into a kiss and kissed back. Now this is a great way to end our story. As for the rest of the lads. Well we stayed a band and the lads got girl friends well most of them. Liam dated danyil, Zayn dated Perry, and Niall did what he said he would awlays do date a fan.....that is until she stole his food one day. Thats when he broke it off. XD As for me and Louis were happy together and still fighting for our love but at least were doing it together.

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