Some day

"I just wish that we could show the world that we are in love. Louis looked at me in tears forming in his eyes. "It's just not fair Harry!" I nodded my in agreement. I pulled Louis into a hug and said, "Some day Louis." He smiled at me whispering, " Someday Harry. As for now you`'ll be my little secrets."


5. I love you

Louis's pov:

I looked over at Niall and liked seeing he was more scared than I was. "My decison is that Louis can stat but you guys have to keep them eperated during interviews." I looked at thecfloor up set. So if I want to stay with the lads I have to give up Harry. Then if I want to keep Harry I have to give up the lads. I was so annoyed and mad now. No matter what I picked I was losing something.

I felt niall wrap his arms around me as I started to cry. I knew he wanted me to smile but I couldn't. I was losing the love of my life. You know that moment when you think you finally found the one that you love and then you wake up and your dream gets crushed. Well that's what my heart feels like. "Hey Lou don't cry well find away for you and Harry to be together some how don't worry." He was rubbing my back in a circle trying to calm me down and to stop the tears. I looked up at him and tried to smile for him.

I only helped me to start to cry even more. This made Niall cry too. Soon we were leaving the building crying. Every one stopping and staring at the two young grown men who were walking down the street crying their eyes out. We it just tried to block them out of our minds.

Niall's pov:

I was doing my best to try and stop Louis from crying but I started to cry my self. I felt bad as we walking home having all the people stoping and staring at us. "Come on Louis lets get going back to my house soon this day will be over and we can think about what to do tomorrow. I lead him back to my house and let him sleep in my room well I took the couch. I went up stairs to stay good night and to make sure that he was okay but then I stopped and listened. "Harry if your listing at all to me right now I just want you to know that no matter what happens between us I'll never stop loving you. I am for ever hopelessy in love with you."

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