Some day

"I just wish that we could show the world that we are in love. Louis looked at me in tears forming in his eyes. "It's just not fair Harry!" I nodded my in agreement. I pulled Louis into a hug and said, "Some day Louis." He smiled at me whispering, " Someday Harry. As for now you`'ll be my little secrets."


6. Heart brake

Harry's pov:

I knew that no mayter what we tried to do well never be happy. I layed in my bed thinkibg sbout this. I could either stay with Louis and be misserabl cause i can never see him talk to him or be happy. Or i could brake up with him and hate my self for losing somw one like louis.

I looked at the celling and screamed. Just then i heared foot steps followed by a liam. "Are you okay i heared screaming," i looked at liam with tears in my eyes. "Liam i don't know what to do any more. If i stY with louis we can never be happy. If leave lou we can be together but ill hate my self." Liam came and sat on my bed.

"That is very hard to decided on." "If you were me what would you do?" I looked at liam with big puppy dog eyes. "Well if i was you and i loved lou more then a brother that is. I guess i would follow my heart." I got scared as i adked him. "What sies your geart say?"

Liam looked at me. "Are you sure you want to know my awnser Harry?" I shook my head yes. Liam took a deep breath as he said what i feared the most. "I would let louis go and hope that someday we could be together." I looked at liam to show him i understood even if it killed me. "So your saying if i really love louis ill let him go?" Liam shook his head yes giving me a sad smile.

"Harry have you ever heared of the saying.... If you love some one you'll let them go and if they come back it was ment to be if they dont then they were never yours in the first place." I looked at liam about to cry. Liam opened up his arms and climbed onto his lap and cried in his shirt well he hugged me. "Liam why does love hurt so much?" He started to rock me as he said, "Its just loves way of saying trust me it'll get better."

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