Some day

"I just wish that we could show the world that we are in love. Louis looked at me in tears forming in his eyes. "It's just not fair Harry!" I nodded my in agreement. I pulled Louis into a hug and said, "Some day Louis." He smiled at me whispering, " Someday Harry. As for now you`'ll be my little secrets."


7. Can we move on?

Harry's pov:

Watching Louis talk to the lads all the time and act as if nothing ever happened made me think. Can we really move on from each other just like that? I wanted to talk to Liam but i didnt want to become clinging and full of my self. I pulled my self together and let go of Louis.

Niall was walking by so i joined him and started to talk to him. "Hey Niall were ya going?" He looked at me suprised. "O im just going to the park ." That's perfect i can get Louis off my mind their. "Mind if i go with you?" "Um i guess not im going for a run and maybe even a walk." I smiled "sounds like fun."

Louis's pov:

I watched Harry talk to Niall and then leave with him. I ran up stairs up stairs unable to take it any more. As soon as i got to my room i slamed the door and started to cry. How can he just move on like that and for get everything we had? Its just not right! I started to get mad. Two can play at that game Harry.

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