Life as Alizabeth knew it was going to change, her life was normally until she met him. She had always believed supernatural creatures were real, but that was just from the books she had read, she never thought that it would actually be true. He had his secrets and was unsure how his mate would take finding out about him. However little did either of them know Alizabeth had her own secrets.


2. Chapter 2

The bell rang ending the school day. Alizabeth had two more classes after lunch with Tony each time he instantly walked over and sat in the seat next to her. Every time he got close something would stir within her. After the bell rang Alizabeth gathered her stuff and began walking out; Tony quickly shoved all of his things in his backpack and caught up to her.

"Hey, what are you doing after school?" Tony asked with a bit of nervousness, within his mind he was scolding himself for being nervous around her; but how could he not this was his mate the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on. He watched as her head tilted a bit listening.

"Um I'm going home and doing homework, why?" She replied as they stood in front of her locker, she quickly did the combo opening it on the first try.

"Well... I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and possibly my friends" Tony scratched his neck. Alizabeth slowly bit her lip and it made Tony's wolf go crazy, Tony had to restrain himself from pressing her against the lockers and kissing her. She grabbed her back and placed some notebooks inside it along with a textbook

"I guess I can hang out for a little while" she met his gaze, there was some nervousness within her eyes, Tony lips curled into a big smile

"Yes!" He did a sort of happy dance, Alizabeth couldn't help but giggle

"That was so cute" she said smiling as he finished his dance, Tony's cheeks were tinged pink.

They left the school and began walking through the parking lot, Tony led Alizabeth to his car which happened to be only a few away from hers. It was a royal blue 2013 mustang.

"Wow, it's beautiful" Alizabeth slowly walked around the car

"It was an early graduation gift from my parents" Tony watched her admire his car.

"So where are we going?" Alizabeth asked when she was done looking at the car

"My house... If that's okay?" His nervousness faded into his voice

"Yeah, how do I get there?" Alizabeth pulled her hair over her shoulder revealing her pale neck, Tony licked his lips, his wolf wanted him to mark her right this instant

"I won't do that until she knows about us" he told his wolf in his thoughts. When Tony snapped out of his little trance Alizabeth was waving her hand in front of his face

"Tony are you okay?" Her eyebrows were lifted and pulled together a bit in a concerned matter

"Oh, um yeah I'm fine" he lightly blushed as he looked into her eyes

"Now how do I get there?" After a few minutes of explaining she knew exactly how to get there. She walked away from him, his heart dropped a bit

"What did you do!?! Our mate is walking away from us!!" His wolf screamed in his head, Tony watched alizabeth look over her shoulder

"Are we not going now?"

"Why are you walking away?" There was sadness and slight anger in his voice, she lifted her eyebrow

"I'm going to my car so that we can go. I'm not leaving my car here." An instant relief filled Tony, along with a slight blush. Alizabeth got to her car and Tony's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head

"That's your car?"

"Yep, this here is Onyx, she's my baby" she lightly patted the roof then got inside of her car. She started it and it purred to life.

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