Life as Alizabeth knew it was going to change, her life was normally until she met him. She had always believed supernatural creatures were real, but that was just from the books she had read, she never thought that it would actually be true. He had his secrets and was unsure how his mate would take finding out about him. However little did either of them know Alizabeth had her own secrets.


1. Chapter 1

"Life as you know it is about to take a drastic change, my dear" that was the last thing I heard before passing out from fear and shock.

(About 15 hours earlier)

My dream was interrupted by Ronnie Radke's voice blasting from my alarm. I slowly got up taking my time as I stretched, when I finally stood up I grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom. After a quick shower I got dressed and blow dried my hair. Skipping breakfast like always I grabbed my bag on phone and walked out the door to my black '69 Camaro; after a 20 minute drive I pulled into the school parking lot, I watched as a few heads turned. I parked far enough away that I didn't need to worry about scratches, I got out pulling out my track duffel from the back along with my school bag and began walking toward the school. I jammed my headphones into my ears drowning out the roar of the halls. I went straight to the locker room and placed my duffle in my locker and locked it before leaving.

I walked toward my first class, focused completely on my music rather than those around me. It wasn't until I smacked into a hard chest; that I stumbled back a step rocking on my heels nearly falling back from the hit. A large hand gently curls around my arm steadying me, my eyes finally met his warm brown ones, I was speechless and in awe of him, he was tall with chiseled arms and a hard chest and what looked like a six pack outlined under his shirt. I snapped out of my daze as a blush quickly covered my cheeks.

"Sorry.." I muttered pulling from his grasp as I quickly walked past him with my head down not trying to attract anymore attention.

My day went on pretty normal aside from the incident that morning, well that is until he walked into my 4th period class: culinary my favorite, I swallowed as he walked up to our teacher Ms. Stark, I watched as they talked and then as she pointed to me, my heart nearly stopped, I tired to hide my shock by looking down. However that didn't stop him from coming over and sitting on the stool right next to me

"The teacher said since you're a one person group my friend and I can join you, is that alright?" I was struck speechless once more and could only manage a nod. I took a deep breath and slowly looked up at him

"Where's your friend then?"

"Late, he's probably flirting with some random girl. I'm Tony by the way, since you kinda ran off before I could introduce myself" my cheeks become tinged with red

"Sorry about that... I um need to get to class. I'm Alizabeth, it's nice to meet you Tony" as if saved the door opened and in walked a tall broad guy with soft blue eyes and a cocky crooked smile, I saw out the corner of my eye Tony waving for the guy to come over, as he approached, everybody watched as he sat on the other side of me, I was becoming more and more nervous until I feel a warm hand on my knee which instantly made me relax. I looked up at Tony who now wasn't looking at me but had a small smirk on his face. I felt a tap on my shoulder, so u turned and looked at Tony's friend

"Hey baby, I'm Jesse and you are?"

"None of your business that's who I am" I turned away from him, I hated guys who thought they could get anyone they wanted no matter what. I saw a small smile dance across Tony's lips and then it was gone.

Class went by pretty fast we were doing a cake lab, we picked red velvet cake, which is my favorite. We prepared the batter and frosting and we're going to bake it tomorrow since we didn't have enough time today. Lunch was next so once the bell rang I quickly left, not even 30 seconds after I walked out the door I felt a hand grab my wrist and turn me around fast causing me to hit a hard chest once more, my hand was pressed against Tony's chest to steady myself, I felt his chest rumble with laughter. I looked up at him lightly glaring

"What do you want?" His laughs finally died down and a soft smile appeared on his face

"I was wondering if you wanted to eat with my friends and I?" I realized I was still pressed against his chest, I took a step back to create some distance, I looked into his warm gaze with made my heart skips a beat

"I'll have to ask my friends... Are the rest of your friends like Jesse?" I saw Jesse look up from his phone at the sound of his name, a slow smirk slid onto his face; I rolled my eyes and looked back at Tony once more

"No, though the guys may flirt with you, but it won't be nearly as bad as Jesse" I felt myself nodding

"Well I'll go ask my friends and get back to you" his smile got bigger which made me smile a bit.

After a little persuading my friends said they'd live without me at the table, we shared a laugh. I began looking around the cafeteria for Tony, I saw 2 tables were pushed together, I looked over each person until I met a familiar gaze: Tony, I watched as his hand rose and waved me over as if he already knew my answer. I picked up my bag and began walking toward, I was almost there when a guy at Tony's table was shoved out of his seat, he landed on his back in front of me. My eyes widen when I heard him thud to the ground, I step to the side and reach my hand out

"Are you okay?" He looked up at me then my hand before taking it, I pulled him up

"I'm fine darling, just a small argument" he had a southern accent, he dusted himself off

"I'm Chad, and you are?" I looked up at Chad he was rather large

"I'm Alizabeth" he gently took my hand and kissed it, I felt my cheeks start to burn

"It's nice to meet you, now are you sitting with us? Tony hasn't shut up about you" my eyes widen as I turn and look at Tony who has looked down, I could see his face was red

"Well I was going to but it looks like both tables are full, so I'll just go sit with my friends" I gave Chad a small smile then started to walk away

"Wait, you can have my seat Alizabeth" Tony's voice finally spoke up, I turned back around

"No that's your seat" I felt two large hands grab onto my waist and lift me into the air, I let out a squeak in surprise, Chad gently set me down in his seat between two equally large guys. I tried to stand up but he pushed me back down

"You sit there, I need to go speak with a teacher anyway" I slowly nod

"Um okay" he smiled once more then left. I looked at the people I was now sitting with and swallowed nervously; but soon their conversations started back up, I silently watched them until I felt someone nudge me in the side, I turned and looked at the guy beside me, he was holding a half of a sandwich out to me

"I'm fine, but thank you" my stomach growled, he lifted his eyebrow

"Take it, you're hungry" his deep voice rang through my head, I didn't want argue with him, so I took it and slowly ate it. I continued to watch the others, some of the guys seemed very territorial with their food and others gave bits of their food to others. I glanced at the time on my phone and carefully got up, my movement silenced the 2 tables, I froze

"Uh, sorry but the bells going to ring.." I swallowed as I readjusted my bag on my shoulder, I met a few gazes that were looking my way, they seemed to gather their stuff to leave just like me, I hid my confusion and looked at Tony "thank you for letting me sit here, I'll see you later" I gave him a small smile then turned and left.


I watched as she walked away from my table, she seemed so confident and strong; but I could see in her eyes a different story. The way she helped Chad up was amazing, she was willing to help a guy twice her size and could easily break her in two. My wolf has been screaming mate from the moment she walked into school today. The eagerness and happiness in his voice from just seeing her was nearly overwhelming. I had told my pack through our link that I had found my mate, there were cheers and soon the questions began flooding into my head

"Is she hot?"

"Is she one of us?" They rang through my head, I had to use my alpha voice just to get some silence, I couldn't hear myself think.

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