What ever Happened?

Came back and no one likes me? What the hell happened?


1. Chapter 1

Justin P.O.V


       I stare at the car window as we drive toward Canada. I'm finally back home! After one year in that dumbass all boys border school my parents made me go to teach me some "Disciple." I can come back to my life. My perfect life. I was the popular guy in school. Everyone loved me. And most important my smoking hot girlfriend that could be approved as a Victorious supermodel.

Alexia. I could remember her cute little ass. And how she has only one dimple in her check, How she always smells like fresh apples. 

"Attention passengers. Stay seated until the light turns green,We now reached Canada." The intercom screeched.

Once I saw the light turn green i hurried off my seat and rushed to get my luggage. I could see people glaring at me but i couldn't care less. I am home bitches!!!



Thank youu for reading. I know its pretty short. 

Stay in for more cx.


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