Detention (One Shot)

Truth is better than lies. Most of the time. **This is another one of my attempts in a contest. It had to have 500 words or less that's why it's short. So, here it is :) **


1. Detention

“You’re lying,” Derek said, crossing his arms against his chest.

The detention room was mostly empty. Well, except for three students, I included, and outside the closed door, were a police officer and a teacher.

One of the students had his own world in the back while the other one wouldn't stop pestering me.

“What are you talking about? I am Dana.” I managed to keep my eyes locked on his while glaring. But inside, I was a deer caught in the headlights. Why did my twin’s ex-boyfriend have to be here?

“Just leave her alone, man. You’ll never know what you’ll get from touching her.” Jeremy spoke from the back. I felt my stomach sink. I've always known about his hatred for my sister but I never understood why or what it was about. We never talked, except a few ‘hello’s’.

I turned away, facing the window. I saw disappointed students leaving the place. Prom night was ruined.

“This isn't Dana, man. Trust me,” I turned back, catching Derek with his smirk, “I know.”

Jeremy, now interested, sat straight. The bruises on his face was minor compared to the one rushed to the hospital. Prom needed to be stopped because of their fight. He told everyone Rick owed him money. It made me curious though, since it was my sister’s boyfriend that got sent to the hospital. Rick was too rich to owe anyone money.

“Why did you fight Rick, Jeremy?” I asked, earning a glare from him.

“He owed me.”


I was there, I saw from where I was standing that Rick whispered something to him then all hell broke loose.

Derek leaned closer, twisting one of my ruined curls between his fingers. He moved so his nose almost touched my cheek. “Don’t act like you don’t know, babe. You should, if you’re really Dana.” He whispered while his tongue licked my cheek.

I recoiled in disgust, kicking his chair away. Derek simply laughed. “I knew it!”

“Fine! You got me. Now stay away, both of you.” I glared at Jeremy.

“What are you doing here, Liv?” Jeremy asked with kind eyes.

“Yeah. What’s the good twin doing at detention? Is this even detention?” Derek added. He’s here because he helped Jeremy.

I sighed, rubbing my temple. “Dana was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Rick was dealing drugs at the back of the gym before the start of prom. Someone must have seen and when police came to stop your fight, they told them, involving my sister with Rick.”

Derek scoffed. “You’d help her? After every bad thing she’s done to you?”

“I have to, okay? She’s still my sister.” I turned to Jeremy. “Why did you fight Rick?”

Derek faced him. He knew but he was waiting for Jeremy to say it himself.

“He said something about you, Liv.” Jeremy looked down. “I didn't like it.” He locked gazes with me.


I wanted to ask more, but the police officer came in.

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