Lohanthony Fanfic


1. Depressing Mondays

Lohanthony Fanfic

Chapter One
Hurriedly slipping on my dilapidated converse, I glanced at the big clock on the kitchen wall, 8.15 read. First day at a new school and I'm late already, great. 
"Get in the car!" my mum yelled out the car window outside, most likely waking up all the other people on our street that accidentally slept in on this depressing god damn Monday morning.  
I jogged breathlessly out the front door quickly slinging my backpack over my shoulder, fixing my wild unbrushed hair and jumped into the front seat of my dysfunctional family's car. I struggled to control my breathing as I sunk back into the leather seat, wow I'm unfit. 
"You need to get up earlier you're so disorganised and..." my mum blabbered aimlessly as I stuck my earphones in my ears, drowning out the sounds of her irritating nagging. I let out a nervous sigh and put my music on shuffle. 

I tumbled into the classroom in a stressed fluster as I muttered an apology to the thin bony structure of the woman who I assumed is my teacher. 
"Late on a first day, you're not off to a good start are you? Sit down and I'll let you off just this once" she said with her brows raised. 
Hm "just this once" bitch give me a break I need my sleep give me a break woman.
Rolling my eyes I took the only spare seat at the back with a sigh. She placed a DVD into her laptop and turned the projector on. It was a film about boring maths formulas which I soon lost         interest in. I intently stared at the clock at the front of the classroom, watching each second tick by as I heard the faint sound of music. Was that Lana Del Rey? I followed the sound and it directed me to a boy sitting on the desk next to me who had his earphones in. He had dark hair and was wearing a really nice outfit considering most of the boys in this area don't know the meaning of the word style. I watched him as he scrolled down his phone, sipping his Starbucks, I feel like I've seen him before,maybe on Twitter? I felt a sudden pulse of confidence and wanted to talk to this guy. But oh wait, I have zero social skills I'm better off to not say anything. I know I'll end up being alone again with no friends like my past schools. I need to say something if I want to at least try and make friends here.

"Hey sorry to interrupt but is that Lana Del Rey because queen" I blurted nervously as I tapped his shoulder. 
"What?" He jumped as he yanked his earphones out.
"Um is that Lana Del Rey by any chance?" I stuttered awkwardly.
"Yaas oh my god I love you" he said excitedly.
Wait I think I recognise this boy from somewhere before? Wait maybe from YouTube? No way it's lohanthony from YouTube, I recognise him from one of O2L's videos I think? I shouldn't have talked to him he's too cool for me why did I do that why just why. Okay, calm Leah, calm.
"Can I just say your outfit is on point today" I said quickly.
"Awh thank you you're looking good too" he said nicely
"Are you serious? I hit my snooze button two thousand times this morning and was literally dragged out of bed by my mum so I didn't have time to think about my appearance" I said jokingly.
"Literally same and it's a shame that bitch of a teacher embarrassed you like that" he chuckled whilst taking another gulp from his Starbucks.
"Anthony no drinks in class throw it in the trash and stop talking" the teacher exclaimed out of no where.
"Are you kidding this cost me 5 dollars and almost being late for school" Anthony said.
"Get out." she said bluntly with an emotionless face.
"Are you kidding all he was doing was drinking his Starbucks minding his own business" I said to the teacher.
"Well I guess you should get out too. Now." she said with anger.
I stormed out of the classroom and saw Anthony in the hall. 
"Thanks for standing up for me, hey what's your name?" he said
"Anthony" he said with a smile. 
"Sorry about your Starbucks, do you want to go after school to make up for it?" I said nervously
"Yeah sure!" 

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