Just Realize (Liam Payne Fan Fic AU)

If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other,
And we'll never find another.
Just realize what I just realized.
We'd never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other now.

Take time to realize.
Oh-oh, I'm on your side.
Didn't I, didn't I tell you?
Take time to realize
This all can pass you by.
Didn't I tell you?

But I can't spell it out for you.
No, it's never gonna be that simple.
No, I can't spell it out for you.

Copyright © 2014 ThatsSoCrystal


6. Twists And Turns

Last time on Just Realize...


        You started your car back up. Well, with bad things comes good things as well. You thought to yourself. Very soon after that you arrived at the bar you were working at and you couldn't stop thinking about Zayn until towards the end of your shift. Something happens and changes your course of thought...


You heard a gunshot and you quickly ducked down under the counter. You didn't know what to do, all you were thinking about was Zayn and Liam. You were scared. You had your hands over your head for a little bit and you peeked over the counter. One of the 3 guys with joker looking masks shot at you and you dodged it quick. You were breathing uncontrollably, "Get her!" you heard a deep male voice yell.


You heard a gunshot again and screams. You started to panic even more. This wasn't good on your asthma. Where's Zayn when you need him? You thought to yourself. Zayn's a cop and you need someone right now.


You heard another gunshot and a groan. Then a thump. You hurried faster to the back of the bar to find a closet with your phone behind the bar where you ducked down. You were crying by this point. You hid in the janitor's closet covering your mouth so your breathing calms down.


You grabbed your inhaler and took a few puffs. You went farther in the closet so you can still see their shadows by the door and also your breathing would be more quiet.


"Get the money!" Another voice yelled. You didn't really care about the money at this point you just wanted to be safe. It sounded selfish, but you just wanted to stay alive. You heard gunshots on the door. Then you heard evil laughing.


You just cried. After a few minutes the ruckus was calmed down. You then stood up and made your way out the door being very cautious. When you walked out one of the guys was sitting at the bar drinking out of the vodka bottle. You bit your lip hoping he doesn't see you.


You saw him smirk. Then turned to you holding a handgun out, "Don't move."


You just stood there scared. You were shaking and staring right at the gun. He got up and walked over to you smirking. He had a gold tooth and blue eyes. Also brown hair that's a buzzcut. You just stared at the gun.


He moved your hair from your face, "What a beautiful woman you are," he started to circle you


You took breaths, "W-what do you want?"


He just laughed, "And innocent and pure. I'm sure I can fix that," he was now in front of you.


You took a step back, "Leave me alone..." you exclaimed and he quickly put a gun to your forehead.


"You've got the guts. I like that, but I would be careful what I say if I were you, beautiful." I rolled my eyes and he put more force on my forehead, with the gun, "Don't sass me!"


You gulped. You looked into his eyes and their was hatred and revenge written in them. You heard the sirens, and he quickly covered your mouth, moving the gun from your forehead, "Shh." you were shaking and he pushed you into the closet along with him covering your mouth firmly with the gun to your head, "If you make a sound. I'll f***king kill you," you nodded breathing uneven again. You were shaking. You heard the sirens and screeching of cars. You heard car doors. You muffled a 'help' and he pressed the gun to your head. He pressed his hand to your mouth more. Once all the commotion was done he took you out of the closet and kept your mouth covered. He used his walkie talky and talked to his friends, "I got her and the cops have left. Bring her in"


You looked at the bold and strong man. You were confused. Bring her in? What does that mean? What are they going to do to you? Many, many questions ran through your head as you tried to get away, but he was too strong for you.


You really wished that Liam was there with you, so you would get much stronger and less scared. Liam would be able to protect you from these jerks, for sure. You heard a car pull up and they turned it off. The guy that had you hurried out the broken glass things and there was a van there. You could hardly see it. He through you in the back and duct-taped your mouth,

"If you make a sound you'll be punished."




*Liam's POV*


I was at home watching the news. I hope that Keira is okay. I then saw a bar that has been broken into. This got me really interested. I turned it up and the lady was talking, "Just a few hours ago Midnight Dreams club has been robbed. Everyone inside was okay. Sources say that they heard a gunshot and ducked down to protect themselves. Some of the employees say that they must've took someone as well because not everyone was  a counted for," she puts her hand to her ear, "I just got word that it was Keira Chanel their best bartender is missing..." In that instant I dropped my remote staring at the screen and everything I could hear just faded and I couldn't hear anything.


I felt my eyes water, "This can't be happening," I let my tears fall down my face. I just continued to cry. I clenched my fists, "Once I find out who took her I'm going to kill them."




*Zayn's POV*


I was getting ready for my date with Keira when I got a call. I got my phone and saw that it was my captain. I answered right away, "Malik."


"I hate to say this to you, but you have an urgent job on Honeycreek Drive. Midnight Dreams late night club."


"But sir, I have a date tonight," I said to him.


"I said urgent, son."


I nodded, "I'll be right there," I put on my uniform and hurried to the scene. I'm sorry Keira. How will she ever forgive me. I thought to myself...


I got to the scene in my cop car and got out quickly and I started to talk to some of the witnesses about what the men looked like. Not everyone could explain it properly. This is going to be difficult. I then talked to the manager of the club, "Any information you can tell me?" I asked him politely.


He nods and explains everything that happened to me. I wrote down notes and then he said, "We lost our best bartender today, Officer. She went missing right after the scene."


"And who would that be?" I asked writing it down and looked back up at him.


"Keira Chanel," He said to me frowning, "Such a sweet young lady."


I wrote it down then I realized he said Keira Chanel. My eyes widened...










Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn

Surprise. Tell me what you think of this chapter?

What do you think will happen to you with those men?

What do you think the boys are going to do? ;)

Now, that someone Zayn knows is apart of the case,

how desperate do you think he's going to be to save you?

-Crystal xxx

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