A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


17. Why Is Everyone In Love, But Me?

*Ashton's P.O.V*

   I stumble down the steps as I wipe my eyes from my good night's rest. When I get to the bottom I find Michael looking in a mirror fixing his hair.

    " Try to look good for the zombies chicks?" I joke.

   He jumps when he notices me.

     " No, I'm trying to look good for Alyssa," he says sliding a piece of hair behind his hair.

  " Who's this 'Alyssa' you speak of?" I giggle in a deep voice.

      " Just a girl I met who thinks I'm cute and I think she's gorgeous," he explains ruffling his hair.

  I nod my head.

   " Nice hair color," I compliment.

     " Thanks, Alyssa helped me with it. Well I better get going," Michael says stepping away from the mirror, grabbing the keys.

  I hold up my two fingers giving him the peace sign as he leaves. I turn to go into the kitchen to see Luke eating a bowl of oatmeal.

  Luke looks up and says," I made extra oatmeal it's in that pot." And points over to the pot.

     I open the cabnet and grab a bowl along with spoon from another cabnet. Then I put an nice amount of oatmeal in my bowl and sit down at the table with Luke.

 I put a spoonful of oatmeal in my mouth and eat it.

   " Ooohh apple and cinnamin," I say," Hey Luke, did you know about Michael and Alyssa?"

" Yeah when I saw him come home last night with a different hair color I asked him about it and he told me how he met Alyssa and how they dyed his hair."

  I nod my head and place another spoon of oatmeal in my mouth.

  It's like everyone is falling in love, but me.

  Isn't it suppose to be a zombie apocalypse not a love fair.

  " Why is everyone falling in love, but me?" I wonder outloud hoping to get an answer from Luke.

    He swallows his oatmeal and answers," I don't know. Maybe try going outside like Michael, you might just get lucky."

   I stuff some more oatmeal into my mouth and think about what Luke just said.

   Maybe I will get lucky, but where should I go?

  That's when I have an idea of where I want to go.

     I finish off my oatmeal and wash my bowl before running upstairs to get ready.


   I walk down the stair bathed and in some new clothes. I tell Luke that I'm going out before realizing that Michael has the truck and Calum has the other car. So I search around the house for some sort of transportation, but I only find two bikes out in the shed.

  I take a bike out and test it, to see if good enough for my journey. It passes my examination and I start down the street. I swerve around the zombies I meet along the way.

   After about 20 minutes of pedaling, I stop at a store to take a break. I park my bike outside the little shop and go inside. I look through the shelves to try and find a water bottle, but find nothing. I just sit on the counter giving my legs a break.

 Man I should have really thought this through.

 I should have packed a water bottle.

   I jump off the counter to look for a cloth I can use to wipe off my sweat before I go off again. I find one and wipe te sweat that sits on my face then I hear something fall in the back of the store. I put half of the cloth in my pocket and let the other half just dangle. I peer from the side of the shelf and see a zombie walk in the from the back.

   I walk out if the store because I don't want to waste my energy while I still have it. I hop on my bike and ride down the street. I continue until I arrive at my destination Guitar Center.

   I set my bike down on the sidewalk and jog into the store. I break off a piece of wood panel off the wall and slide it into the door handles so it doesn't open.

  I check the whole store to make sure that it's empty and it is. I sit down in front of the drums and start playing different rhythm before going through a whole set list from when we played shows.

  When I look up I see a crowd of zombies in front of the main door trying to get in. Good thing I put that wood there. I continue to drum to get my mind off of things.

  I finish up the last song and let go of my drumsticks making them fly and yell," Thank you Chicago!"

   I smile and pull out my cloth to wipe my sweat off again. I get up from the seat then walk over towards the back door and take one last glance at my zombie crowd. I open the door and swiftly jog to my bike. 

  I get on and start riding back home. Along the way I decide to check one of the houses for water. I grab my knife out my pocket and open the door. I scan the first floor with my knife close by. Once I see it's clear, I go into the kitchen and look for water.

   I look in the cabinet and find a bunch of water bottles. I take one out and open it up, I gulp down half the bottle in seconds. I sigh and put the cap back before twisting it closed. I turn around and everything goes black.


  I wake up to find myself still in the kitchen, but tied to a chair. I look around to see it's night time. I lean back my head because it hurts really badly. 

   " Hello, anybody here?" I call out.

  " Yeah. Here," says a girl standing up from the floor," What were you doing inside my house?"

    I adjust my head and look at her," I just wanted some water then I was going to leave. I'm sorry. I didn't know."

    She puffs out some air and leaves the room. When she comes back, I see she has a bucket. Then she throws whatever is in the the bucket at me, but to find out it is water.

   I spit out the water that went in my mouth and shake my hair.

  " What did you do that for?" I ask now a bit angry.

     She puts down the bucket and sighs," You said that you wanted some water, so I gave you some."

  I glare at her and say sarcastically," Well thank you. It was so kind of you to do that. It's a two in one a bath and a refreshing drink of water. I am so thankful."

    She starts to giggle while I try my hardest not to laugh with her, but I end up doing it anyway.

  She sits down in on of the chairs at the table and looks at me from head to toe. I flip my wet hair out of my face and take a better look at her since there a lantern at the table. It lights up her face to see that she has brown hair with loose curls and brown eyes.

   " Your not like most visitors I've had," she says still examining me.

    " I don't know what to say. I'm flattered," I giggle gaining a laugh from her.

  " Like that," she says," Most of them either threaten me or beg to let them go. But I'm not allowed to until my brother comes home."

     I nod my head and ask," So when is your brother coming home because I bet my friends are wondering where I am. We're all usually home by dark."

   " Soon," she answers then she gets up and is about to leave when I ask," Where are you going?"

   " I really shouldn't be talking to you. I can't talk to the visitors my brother says," she replies and turns to look at me.

  " Well you did say I'm not like most visitors, so come on. I don't want to be left her all alone with nobody to talk to," I beg giving her the puppy dog look.

   She stares at me, thinking on whether to stay or not.

  " Fine," she says giving in and sits back down in her chair.

   " Yay!" I exclaim.

     " So what's your name?" I ask.

  " Kate. What's yours?" 

     " Ashton. Any hobbies?"

   " Drawing and reading, you?"

   " I play the drums in my band."

     " Cool-" 

  We hear the door open and Kate looks into the hallway and says," We have an visitor today."

    Her brother walks into the room and glares at me.

  " What were you doing inside my house?" He interrogates.

    " I came in here to find some water because I was thirsty and here I am here now," I answer.

   He turns around to Kate and says," I like how you do kid."

    I see her smile. I guess they're talking about the bucket of water she threw at me.

  He turns around to me and gives me a stern look before saying," I don't want to see your face around here again or else."

   I really wanted to say or else what, but I don't think this is the right situation to be joking around so I just nod my head. He walks out of the room satisfied.

    Kate comes over and unties me from the chair. I rub my wrist of where the rope once was and get up. Kate walks me to the door and opens it, and we both step outside.

   I shiver from the water that's on me. I look down to look at Kate.

  " I'm sorry about the water," she apologizes and she steps closer to me to give me a hug.

  I wrap my arms around her and feel her warmth. But there, in the back of my mind I secretly didn't want to go, I enjoyed her company.

   She pulls back and looks at something and asks," Who's bike is that? That wasn't here this morning."

   I chuckle," It's mine. That's how I got here."

  She looks at me in the eyes worry embedded in them.

   " Now I'm really sorry. I didn't know you were riding a bike. You're going to freeze to death because of me. To make up for it, I'm going to drive you home."

   Before I could disagree she went inside her house to get her keys. I'm just going to take the ride. When she came out, we walk to the pick up truck in the driveway. I get my bike and put it in the trunk. 

  I get in and she starts up the truck. I direct her to my house as she drives. When we arrive, I thank her.

   " You really shouldn't be thanking me. I basically knocked you out, tied you up to a chair, and threw water in your face," she says.

    I start laughing cause it is true.

  " Well thank you for the ride and for keeping me company. We should hang out some time," I suggest.

   " Yeah, we should," she smiles," You know where to find me when that times comes, but you can knock this time."

   I giggle," Oh I will next time."

    I get of the truck and get my bike from the back. I wave to her as I walk to my house. I put away my bike and go inside.

    " Where have you been?" Calum asks.

  " Out," I turn around and smile.

    " You're head is bleeding!" Sarah exclaims running up to me.

  I place my hand on the back of my head and look at my hand to see some blood.

    " Don't worry it's just a bruise, I'll explain tomorrow," I smirk.

  I walk up stairs and wet my cloth. In my room I strip into my boxers and dab my bruise with my cloth as I stare up at the ceiling.

   I may have just found love.


  Don't worry Ashton isn't going to get infected, if that's what you're thinking.

  But what a nice chapter...?

  I've thought about changing the ending :)

  Plus don't worry next chapter isn't the ending, it's going to be a fun chapter!


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