A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


13. What's Wrong?

*Calum's P.O.V*

    Today is Thursday and I'm basically counting down the hours until Sarah comes home. I know this sounds a little desperate, but it's killing me not knowing her decision. I know, I feel like a terrible person for making her do this, but I'm doing this for all three of us and because I really want to be with her and still have my best friend, Luke.

    And that's not the only reason I'm counting down the hours, I just really want this week to be over so I can relax and not take care of Ashton. But it's weird, Ashton barely made us do anything yesterday besides giving him pain medicine because he got drunk the day before when I went to see Sarah. Then after that he just stayed in his room and wanted to be left alone. Plus it's already the 12 in the afternoon and he still hasn't come out of his room. I'm going to go check on him to make sure he's okay.

   I get off the couch and go into the kitchen. I grab a water bottle and a bag of chips I found yesterday when I went to go get Ashton some pain medicine. I climb up the stairs and walk to his room. I knock on the door and wait for a response.

   " Go away!!! " Ashton yelled from the other side of the door.

   " I'm coming in! " I yell back ignoring what he just said.

   I twist the doorknob and walk in. His room is a mess and smells a bit funny. His shades are drawn letting in very little light. I look at his bed where he lays. His blankets are hanging off his bed. He is laying on his stomach with his legs and arms spread out across his bed. His hair is a mess and his face desperately needed a shave. He is a mess.

   " I told you to go away," Ashton snapped.

     " I'm not leaving," I state sitting on the edge of his bed.

   Obviously something's up. His room is usually messy, but not this messy. Not to mention his change in his mood when this apocalypse started. And now he's starting to push me away from him and not to mention everyone else too. We all made a promise and that promise is to stay together no matter what.

   " Leave! I don't want you here! I just want to be alone!" He yells this time looking me in the eyes.

   Although his eyes showed agitation they also showed sadness. His eyes look red as if he was crying and they looked like he was going to cry again.

  I know in this moment I have to help him and I am positive that I'm not going to leave him alone until he feels better. I'm just going to do what I think my mom would do if I was in this situation.

   " I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong."

     " I'm fine. There's nothing wrong here. Can you go now?," He asked annoyed.

    " Nope."

    A minute or two go by until he gives in.

   " Fine, I'll tell you if you close the door. I don't want anybody else to know this."

   I get up and close the door and while I'm up, I pull open the shades and crack the window to get some fresh air.

   I sit back down on the bed just as Ashton sits up slowly from his spot on the bed. 

    " Why'd you open up the window?"

    " First of all you need some light in this room and also you need some fresh air. The air in here is as stiff as a brick."  

   He mumbles something and then he asks," Can I some water?"

  I hand him the water bottle and I open the bag of chips and start munching on them. He take a couple gulps before getting started.

   " Okay and another thing you must promise it to not to laugh." I nod my head to agree to his promise.

   " Well before this started, you know, we'd used to play shows for fans, go to interviews, and stuff like that. And we were right about to go home for a break and then this zombie apocalypse started. I really just wanted to go home and see Harry, Lauren, and mom because I missed them so much. But after a year went by and seeing that this thing didn't go away, my hope for them to be still alive had gotten lower. And right now I only have a slither of hope that they are still alive. I'm just hoping that they're still alive, but day after day that hope is getting smaller and smaller. I'm losing hope for them and I really...just really miss them right now. I really want to see their happy faces."

  Ashton was looking at the ground with a tear rolling down his cheek. In this moment he was not that mean and nasty Ashton, but that old caring and loving Ashton that was here once before. He was just trying to distance himself from us so he wouldn't get hurt even more with that bad Ashton.

 " Ashton, you have to believe in them. Have more hope for yourself and them. I bet they're still alive. How do you think I get out of bed every morning? I just picture that my mom and my sister are alive and well and I still believe that they are. You just have to not lose hope."

  " I know, but it's hard when you don't have proof that they're still alive."

  " We're all going through the same thing, but you just got to believe and know in your heart that they're still alive."

   I give him a quick hug before hearing him say," I'm sorry I've been rude to you guys. Also I'm sorry for acting rude towards Sarah. I was just frustrated..."

  " It's okay and now I know why you acted so hostile towards us....So how about we clean up this mess and get you freshened up?" I say getting up from his bed to stretch.

    He nods his head and he gets up to go to the bathroom to freshen himself up. I start to clean up his bedroom and open up his window all the way, letting in more fresh air in.

  That's one thing off my checklist, now it's time to wait to get my answer from Sarah....


 I know what you guys were thinking, you guys thought this update will have Sarah's answer...sorry! Next chapter will be about her and her answer.

  I just wanted a chapter explaining why Ashton was acting the way he was. Plus I couldn't bare making Ashton the grouchy person in this story, everybody deserves to be happy.

  Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter, bye! 


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