A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


11. What Is Going On?

*Calum's P.O.V*

   I can't believe that stunt Sarah pulled off! It was so funny to see Ashton freak out because he couldn't peel off that envelop. Then being able to run off in the night like that, I wish I could do that. But I do wish that she could have told me that night before she ran away and not  to tell me in that letter. 

   It's day two of taking care of Ashton and it's been terrible, it's not like I thought he was going to give subtle treatment. But he's purposely being a butt hole because he has the whole week to make us do anything he wants us to do.

   Today feels like a good day to check in on Luke and Sarah. It's quite weird that Sarah invited Luke to go but not me, but at least I can trust him right? It's pretty obvious that Luke likes Sarah, but I wouldn't think that Luke is that type of guy. He's pretty trustworthy and respectful so really I don't think I have anything to worry about. Of course I like Sarah and it feels like today is a good day to confess to her that I like her and if she could be my girlfriend. Here goes nothing.....

   I get up from bed and freshen myself up. I go downstairs and go into the kitchen and find what I'm looking for, a picnic basket. I go outside to our garden and pick out a head of lettuce to cut up into salad and I pick some grapes off the grapevine for a side. I wash them off and prepare them and place them into the basket. I find an old blanket and rest it on top of the basket.

   When I'm finally ready, I grab the keys and head out to an old pick-up truck I found yesterday on my run. I gently plop the basket in the passenger seat and start the engine. Here we go....

*Luke's P.O.V*

   I open my eyes to the blinding sun that had woke me up in the first place. I look over to my left to see Sarah's arms wrapped around my chest and her head resting on my shoulder. I gaze over her beauty, seeing how peaceful  she looks when she's asleep. Her hair remains a bit out her bun, but manages to make it look cute. Her eyelashes seem to give off a slight glow as the sun light dips on her.  Then I scan down to her lips to see them move slightly as she's still in her slumber. I force myself to resist placing my lips on her perfectly molded lips.

    I sit here staring at her for who knows how long thinking about her. I was expecting to find myself to wake up in the morning and to find her gone, but tonight was not the case. She slept the whole night here in my arms and not having to wake up early because she couldn't sleep. There were lots of mornings where I found her drinking hot chocolate in the kitchen staring into outer space and with the same excuse of " Oh I couldn't sleep last night." Which also worried me because basically every morning I accidentally woke up early and I'd find her sitting there thinking in the kitchen. She hasn't been sleeping well, but I'm happy to know that she slept fine next to me.

    Sarah's eyes start to flutter open and I pretend to look away as if I wasn't looking hoping that she didn't notice. My eyes beg to look over at Sarah and I give in looking at her morning beauty once more, but this time with her eyes open.

   "Good morning sunshine," I whisper cracking a slight smile.

    "Good morning pig man," she giggles.

   I give her a questioning look," Pig man? Where did you get that from?"

    " Yes, pig man. The you brought up the thought of pigs yesterday so why not?" She smirked.

    Oh how beautiful her smile is. It could light up the most darkest of places.

  "What is going on?" Calum exclaims.

  Wait. Calum? What's he doing here?

   That's when I feel the spot that was once taken now empty. Sarah had jumped out of bed on command of Calum's voice. I felt lonely and pitiful emptiness inside me. 

   I have to remind myself that Sarah is with Calum, one of my best mates and I don't want that to ruin our relationship.Plus it's not in my nature to cheat on one of my best mate's girl. But reminding myself that only breaks my heart into smaller pieces knowing that she's going to be in his arms instead of mines, but I must do what I most do.

   I look down at the bodiless spot next to me. It had....... Hurt.

  " Nothing is going on here. I just accidentally fell asleep here," Sarah explained.

   " You sure because it looked like you were just cuddling with Luke," he spat in disgust.

  " It's not like that, I just woke that way okay? Luke isn't that right?" Sarah asked looking at me with pleading eyes.

   I nod my head agreeing with her no matter how much I am hurting right now.

    " Hey Sarah can I talk to you in private really quick?" Calum inquired.

     " Sure," Sarah said looking down at the ground as she walk with Calum out of the room.

   My heart is broken by the fact I can't have her, but I just have give myself some time to get over her and to heal my wounds. This is what I get from when of my best mates brings home a beautiful girl.....

*~Sarah's P.O.V~*     

   I can't believe Calum came at one of the worst times in history. He thinks that I slept with Luke, but I didn't. He probably hates me now. I blew of our chances of being together.

  I follow him out to the backyard and to the near end of the backyard. He stops and turns around showing a mixture of emotions between hurt and frustration.

  " Sarah I'm sorry, but I have to do this. So which one is it? Me or Luke?" he said calmly.

   This was the question I asked myself on which I have no answer. I can't choose any more.

     I stare at him with pleasing eyes and with tears about to spring loose.

   " I can't be with you until you're clear with your choice. So which one is it? Me or him?," he states.

  I shake my head and my eyes let some tears drip down my face.

   " I'm not sure. I can't choose," I answer.

    My head started to hurt from this question because I clearly didn't know at the moment.

   " Well you have a week to think and when you come back I want to hear your choice, but just know I can't be with you right now until you make a choice. And I'm sorry for accusing you and Luke for something you guys didn't do. Can you tell him that when you go back inside because I'm going to leave now to give you some time to think."

   With that he walk to the front of the backyard and walks through the gate to go to the front of the house to leave. I wipe my eyes before slowly making my way back to the house.

   I can't believe he just did that, but he is right, I must choose.

   So which one is it, Luke or Calum?


  Wow that one is a whosie. Who's it going to be Luke or Calum? 

  And thanks for all the reads, likes, and favorites. I'm up to 100 reads! Woo!  

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