A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


6. Truth or Dare?

*Sarah's P.O.V*

  " Truth or dare?" Ashton asks Michael.

  " Dare."

  "Um......I dare you to change clothes with Sarah."

   All the boys glance at me to see what I'm wearing. I give them all a look of disgust. This is one of my favorite outfits and I do want Michael to stretch it out.

   " No way," I object.

   " A dare is a dare, so get changing you guys," Ashton smirked.

   I sigh and drop my cloth in the bucket of water and Calum comes to my side to help me into the bathroom. I put the lid down on the toilet and sit down, Calum closes the door. I get undressed from my  black jeans, my blue shirt, and my brown leather jacket. I set them down on the counter waiting for Michael to come in with his clothes.

   I hear a knock on the door and Michael comes in and hands me his clothes and takes mine. He stares at me and his cheeks turn deep red and I feel my cheeks heat up a bit too seeing him in just his underwear. He quickly closes the door. I get dressed into his black jeans which have holes where the knees are and I put on his red plaid button up shirt. I try to give a couple taps on the door with my short arms and Calum comes in and gazes at me. What are with these boys always looking at me?

    He finally comes to my aid and helps me walk out the bathroom. He puts me on the couch once again. I look over at Michael, who looks totally ridiculous wearing my clothes, as he walks from around the corner. All the boys crack up in laughter and so do I because I couldn't hold it in any more. Michael sits back in his spot in the circle.

  " You look great Michael," Ashton laughs.

  " Shut up," Michael replies.

  Michael looks over at me and says," At least one of us look good in each others clothes."

   Not knowing if that was addressed to me or him. All of the boys settle down and take a great look at me and it's like their jaws drop.

  " You look better in Michael's clothes than Michael," Luke compliments.

  " Hey!" Michael say pushing Luke gently "Sarah you can have them if you want," Michael says looking down.

  " No, they're yours," I say even though I really want them because they're so comfy and somehow and someway his clothes smell really good like as if there never is a zombie apocalypse going on at the moment.

  " I insist," Michael says.

  Ashton interrupts and says," Well you guys can talk about it later and any way you have to stay like that for the rest of the game."

  " Okay next up is Luke," Ashton announces."Truth or dare?"

  " Truth," Luke replies.

   " Was it you who took my underwear during the tour? Because my underwear has been missing," Ashton asks.

  I laugh.

  " I'm serious," Ashton giggles because it was a pretty silly question to ask.

  " Fine, but it wasn't just me. It was also Calum and Michael," Luke confessed.

   " Okay next.....how about you Sarah," Calum says changing the subject.

    " Truth or dare?" Ashton asked.

   " Truth," I reply.

    " Which one of us would you want to date?"

    My eyes go wide, surprised at the question and my cheeks turn a bright red. I look at all of them and back at the floor. Of course I was liked them all, but I have to only choose one.  I'm so nervous that my palms start to sweat and I stutter,"I-I...um um...I-I..."

    " You can't do that to her Ashton, just look at her. Give her something easy," Calum says infuriated.

  " Fine. What are your thoughts of the zombie apocalypse going on right now?," he interviewed.

   I regain my speech back and answer his question.

  " I see it as a living nightmare. So many people and things are gone. It's like a nightmare that never will go away or wake up from."

  Everyone nods their heads in agreement. We play for a bit longer and we were on our last person which is Calum.

   " Truth or Dare?," Michael asked.

 "Dare!" exclaimed Calum.

  " I dare to go outside with no clothes on and shoot two zombies with your crossbow. And you have to act as if you're a ninja," Michael smirked.

  "Challenge accepted," Calum stated firmly.

  Calum got up off the floor and went into the bathroom to get undressed. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and he grabbed his crossbow. I'm so sure that the 5sosfam would so freak out if the saw him like this. His hair shined a dark black color, his muscles showed so clearly now, his smile looks so perfect, and his eyes glowed with fierce. He look so untouchable.

   I stop myself from staring at Calum and forced myself from biting my bottom lip. Calum walks to the set of glass doors that sit in the back of the room and slides them open.

  "Bye-bye my friends," Calum says in a Batman voice.

   The boys get up from the floor to gather around the door to see Calum. Ashton, Luke, and Michael move over a bit so I can see Calum. Calum is still standing on the steps, then he drops his towel revealing a nice butt.....

   'Stop Sarah with these nasty thoughts!' I think mentally smacking myself.

   I once a again I find comfort in biting my bottom lip. Calum turns around smiling giving a thumbs up to us....OH MY GOSH!

I bet any 5sos fan would die to see this.

  He turns around again and sneaks off into the woods acting like a ninja or acting more like an idiot. He rolls on the ground and then starts crawling combat style. He got up quickly and hid behind a tree,he peeked around the tree and spotted a zombie coming by. 

  By now the boys are cracking up and can barely breathe.

   He shoots it right in the head making the zombie fall to the ground. Calum tip toes up to the zombie and yanks out the arrow that was in the zombie's head with blood dripping off of it and he put it back in his crossbow. He goes a bit further into the woods and spots another zombie and he hides behind a tree takes one last peek at it and launched the arrow. It flew straight into the moldy zombie's head, making another on drop to the ground. He walks up to it and pulls out the arrow causing again blood to drip off of it. He run into the house with his arms up shouting,"Whoooooooaaaa!"

   He went back into the bathroom in the nude, forgetting about his towel outside. The rest of the boys are starting to finish up their laughing and sit down on the couch catching their breath. Calum comes out of the bathroom grinning like a mad man. 'Man they're weird' I think to myself.

    " Okay, I know you all liked the sight, but it's covered now,"gesturing to his body," It's dinner time everyone, I'll be cooking some soup in the kitchen."

    Man they're all pretty nice,but it gives me the creeps when Ashton looks at me as if I'm intruding something. I'm probably just being paranoid.......


I'm really sorry I haven't updated in sooooo long. It's hard when you have siblings who want to be on every minute. Not to mention sometimes my writing would be deleted. Enough with my life....

   What does Sarah mean about Ashton giving her weird looks?

   If you were in Sarah's situation when Calum was outside naked, what would you have done?

  Bye, have a nice day!  





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