A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


14. Is it me or Luke?

*Sarah's P.O.V*

   Jessy was over the moon when she met Luke. She literally looked as if she going to pop with excitement. She even cried and everything, but in the end she thanked me. After that we just hung out for the rest of the week. Now it's time to go back...

   " Are you guys ready?" Luke asked.

     " Yeah almost," I sigh trying to stuff some extra clothes in my bag.

  I hear Luke chuckle from the door, I turn around and question," What's so funny?"

   I fold my arms across my chest and glare at him.

    " You look adorable when you're frustrated," he chuckles again and pokes the tip off my nose.

   I flush a deep red, well at least telling from how much heat I feel in my cheeks. I unfold my arms and turn back around to start packing my bag again.

   " Oh get a room you two," Jessy complains sitting on the other side of my bed. 

    I feel myself blush a even more red if that's humanly possible and I glare at Jessy. She already knew about me having to pick Luke or Calum and I told her the truth and that they are Luke and Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer and that's when she really freaked out on me. But I didn't tell her my answer and I haven't told anyone yet.

   I hear my room door close signaling that Luke is gone, but I turn around to make sure. I turn back to Jessy and glare at her even more.

     " What? That's what friends are for," she says raising her hands up.

   I just shake my head and go back to packing my clothes.

   " So who'd you pick?" She beamed wiggling her eye brows at me.

  " How many times do I have to say that I'm not telling you until I tell the boys my decision," I say having a fight with the zipper to clothes my bag, but finally closing it.

   " Say it however many times you like, but I won't listen so spill."

      " Nope."

   " Fine be that way," she starts glaring at me," But I do got to tell you something. The way Luke looks at you is like your the finest piece of art in the room, just saying."

    Right when I thought my cheeks were going to be left alone, they light up like a Christmas tree.

  " Alright come on we have a long ride in head of us," I say lifting up my bag and onto my shoulder.

     I grab the lantern and we walk out of my room. We walk over to Luke's room and tell him that we are ready and we all head out to the car for our long drive back.

   Jessy is only going to stay for the week then she's going to go home. I'm pretty sure that Calum, Michael, and Ashton will be okay with that (I really don't care if Ashton disagrees, he's just a rotten apple). Also I would allow her to stay with us, but she's living with her uncle and her sister and I'm pretty sure she wants to be with them.

   20 minutes into the drive Jessy falls asleep in the back seat and I can't blame her it's 1 in the morning. You're probably wondering why we left so late, well I came up with the plan to leave when it's was early into the next's day hours because I know Ashton is most likely going to find a loop hole and say that the week isn't over because it's still Saturday and not Sunday. So since it's considered Sunday he can't make us serve him.

   I start to feel sleepiness pass through me, but I try to shake it off I want to stay up for the whole ride. 

   " You can go to sleep Sarah. You don't need to stay up, it's late," Luke says giving me a quick glance.

    " I want to stay awake. I'm just going to wait until we get there so I can sleep in a bed," I say laying my head on the window.

    " Hey Sarah, I was just, you know, wondering...um...who did you pick?" He looks over at me with his eyebrow raised.

    " That's for you to figure out later today when I tell you and for tonight my secret," I say poking his cheek.

    My eyelids start to feel heavy and before I know it I'm asleep.


   I open my eyes to being lightly being tapped by Luke.

   " We're here," he says pointing over at the house.

  I sit up and feel something warm run down my cheek. I wipe it with the back of my hand and look to find that it was saliva. How embarrassing. I quickly wipe it on my jeans since I didn't have a sink to wash my hands or a tissue to wipe my hand with.

   Thank goodness Luke went to the trunk to get our bags. How long was that there for? Did he know that was there? Why didn't he tell me?

  I stop asking questions and get out the car to wake up Jessy. I go to the backseat door and open it and wake her up. I help her into the house because right now she hopeless. She's in a daze and mumbling random stuff as if she was drunken person.

   I help her up stairs and to my room since there isn't an extra room. Luckily some parts of this house have carpeting and one of those parts are the bedrooms. I lay some extra blankets on the ground and a pillow. I place Jessy down on the blankets and cover her with one of her blankets.

    She mumbles something, but I don't catch it. I get up just as Luke walks into the room with our bags. He places them along the wall and we say our good nights and head off to bed.


    Of course I don't sleep too well, but I do find it weird that I slept really well when me and Luke fell asleep together when we were watching that movie.

   I sit up in my bed and look at my watch to see that it's 12:30. I look over at the floor to find Jessy still asleep. I climb out of bed and go to her side and I start poking her cheek repeatedly.

    " What do you want?" She groans.

  " Are you going to get up or what? It's already 12:30."

    " 5 more minutes," she mumbles covering her face with her pillow.

  " Fine I guess you don't want to meet the other boys then," I smirk.

    That's when she pops up letting her pillow fly into the air and hit me in the face.

  " I'm up!," she shouts.

    " Shhhhh I don't want them to find out that you're here just yet because I have a plan," I grin rubbing my hands together.

   I tell her what I'm going to do. Then we start getting ready.


   I peek my head out into the hallway to make sure nobody is in the hallway and it's clear. I hear laughter downstairs and some talking. Weird. It's usually silent. Then I start to smell pancakes and my stomach grow. 

   I tiptoe into the hallway and look in the boys' room to make sure that they are downstairs and they all are. Also weird, Ashton usually likes being in his room. I give Jessy the signal to come out into the hallway. I start to walk normally down the stairs as Jessy tiptoes closely behind me. I signal her to wait on the steps behind my back with my hand. She knows when to come when say some special words.

   I paste a smile on my face and walk into the kitchen where all the boys are scattered around the kitchen. They all look up from their pancakes and look at me with my smile still on my face.

   " Why are you so happy moldy piece of cheese?" Ashton questions.

   I drop my smile and glare at him before returning it back to my face.

     " I just want to thank Calum for giving me so much time to think about my decision. And I've decided it's....not you guys! It's Jessy who I want to be with," I announce and on command of my special words, Jess walks in smiling.

   We hug each other and she gives me a kiss on the cheek. We smile and look at the boys. They're expressions are priceless.

   All of their jaws dropped.

  We continue to smile with our arms hanging on each other's shoulders.

   " Daang, Calum and Luke made Sarah a lesbian. Dude, are you guys really that bad?" Ashtons asks before going into a fit of laughter.

   Calum, and Luke are still staring at us with their eyes popping out and they're jaws still open while Michael starts to laugh at what Ashton said.

    " Oh close your mouths before flies start to fly in. We're joking, I just wanted to see how you guys would react," I start bending over laughing.

   Jessy joins along with me.

   I start to cool down and also add," Jessy is my friend and she wanted an special introduction that you and her will always remember, so I gave her one. You guys should have seen your faces."

   We finish up laughing and we do a proper introduction. Well not really because Jessy started to freak out in the middle of it and I explain," Oh yeah she's a really big fan of you guys."

   They start to smile and they give her a group hug which I don't think is good for her health because now she's shaking and smiling like there's no tomorrow.

   We grab some pancakes and start eating. We all have a group conversation and talk about random stuff. When we're done our pancakes, we all head our different ways, but me and Calum head outside to talk privately.

  " So who's your real choice?"

   " I'm so sorry Calum, but it's..."

  " Luke. It's okay, you don't need to apologize. He's a great guy. You guys deserve each other because I see the way you guys look at each other. Your eyes sparkle when you look at him. And he looks at you as if your the finest piece of art in the room," he says looking down at me.

   " That's what Jessy said about Luke.... But I still hope we can be friends," I say looking at the ground.  

 " Sure, why not."


 Awww, Calum just got friend zoned.*tear*

 Sarah picked Luke! Yay this madness is over!


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