A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


18. Girls Rule and Boys Drool

*Sarah's P.O.V*

  I wake up at 5am and try to go back to sleep, but I can't so I gather my things to take a bath. Usually I would still be sleeping, but Luke isn't in here because Jessy wanted to have a girl's night. 

  I fill up the bathtub with water and get in. After I'm done, I get up and dry myself off to get dressed. 

   I put my things back and grab the book I'm currently reading and head downstairs to make some breakfast. First I set my book down in the living room then go over to the kitchen to make some oatmeal for breakfast.

   When it's done I get a bowl and sit out on the back porch to watch the sun ride. I hug my jacket to my chest when the rush of cold morning air hits me. I take bites of my warm apple cinnamon oatmeal.

  By the time the sun is already up I'm scraping the bottom of my bowl, sliding the last bits of oatmeal into my mouth. I stand up from my seat and go inside to wash my bowl.

  I walk from the kitchen into the living room and grab one of the blankets from the closet and throw it on the couch. I close the closet and hop onto the couch, I pull the blanket over me and pick up my book to read. I slowly drift off into sleep about 30 minutes later.


 I wake up to hearing clashing of bowls and spoons and bits of laughter. I stretch before standing up to go into the kitchen.

  I see all four boys and Jessy eating and talking.

  " Good morning sunshine," Luke smiles.

    " Good morning pig man," I smile back as we both giggle while the other give us questioning looks.

   " Inside joke," I explain," So, what are you guys doing today?"

  I sit down on the floor near the doorway.

    " I'm going to see Alyssa today!" Michael exclaims.

 " I'm hanging out with Kate," Ashton says.

   " And I'm hanging out with Jessy today," Calum smirks sending Jessy a wink, in which she smiles.

  " Hey, I have an idea since I haven't met Alyssa or Kate, how about you guys invite them over? We'll get to know each other and have a day of fun, sound good?" I suggest.

  " I don't know...," Ashton thinking about it.

" No way that's like inviting her over to meet my mom and my mom's super embarrassing," Michael argues.

    Luke says," Yeah, I remeber she showed us those pictures of when you're in the bathtub when you were a baby. You were so cu-"

  " Shut up!" Michael shouts.

   " Well Michael unfortunately we don't have any embarrassing pictures of you and we're not your mom, so stop being a wimp and just bring her over here," Jessy says. 

 " So is it a deal?" I ask.

 I get some sort of 'sure' from both of them when they mumble.

  " Okay now I have to get things for our activities," I smirk evilly rubbing my hands together.

  I hear Calum whisper over to Luke," Remeber she choose you." I see Calum's face has fear written on it when he leans back.


  I walk through the door with a box in my hands and I kick the door to close it. When Michael and Calum left I also left with them to get some supplies for our day of fun.

   I walk into the kitchen and set the box down on the table. I let myself fall into the chairs to relax for moment and I let out a huge sigh. I move my hair out of my face and fix my pony tail.

   Luke walks into the kitchen and leans against the doorway," What did you get?"

  I point over to the box and say," See for yourself."

    He walks over to the box and smirks," Nice."

 " Thanks, but now I'm going to take a bath before they come back," I say getting up.


   " They're here!" Luke yells.

  " Kay!" I reply.

   I put my wet hair into a ponytail and head downstairs to meet Michael's and Ashton's "friends."

   Before going into the living room I hear two new voices. I put on my friendly smile and walk into the room to be greeted by two beautiful girls.

   " Hi, you must be Sarah," the girl with red hair says," My name is Alyssa."

   She stretches out her hand towards me, I take hold of it and shake," Nice to meet you."

  " And my name is Kate," the girl with brown curly hair says, stretching out her hand towards me.

   I take hold and shake," It's mice to meet you too."

    Both Alyssa and Kate are very beautiful girls which makes me a bit self conscious. We talk for a bit and get to know each other while the boys fool around.

   " Hey are you guys ready for our day of fun?" I ask loudly.

  Everyone gives some sort of yeah.

   " Okay we're going to have to split up into teams," I explain.

  " How about girls against boys?" Michael requests.

    I think about it for a second before agreeing.

  " Sure why not," I say before dragging the girls into the kitchen to help prepare our activities.

     We take the box outside with the boys close behind.

  " Okay everyone our first activity is baseball," I announce," Boys you are going to be in the outer field and us girls will be batting first."

   I set down circle mats at the bases and another for where the pitcher is going to be. I hand the bat over to our first batter, Alyssa.

   The boys start walking to their places and Michael shouts out," You girls are going down!"

  " No! You boys are going down because I used to be a champion on my softball team!" Alyssa shouts back.

   " Plus girls rule and boys drool! " Jessy yells giving Alyssa a high five.

 " Let's play already!" Ashtons yells.

   Kate, Jessy, and I line up on the side of the house and wait for Alyssa swing while she practice swings. Then she gives a thumbs up to Luke who is the pitcher. He throws the first pitch and she hits it to send it flying into the woods.

   " Home Run!!!" Luke announces as Alyssa run to each base.

  Next up is Jessy and she waits as Michael goes to get the ball. 

   " Come on slow poke, you're taking too long!" Jessy yells.

  " Well sorry," Michael says sarcastically tossing the ball to Luke. 

      * 1 hour later *

  " You guys suck. That's worst game I've ever played and I don't even play sports that often," Kate admits.

   " Well...well...um...you guys cheated," Calum says.

  " Yeah," Michael, Ashton, and Luke agree at the same time.

   " No, you babies just don't want to admit that we won," Alyssa says.

  " Yeah," Jessy, Kate, and I say in unison.

   Michael puts on his sad face and starts to fake cry. Alssya goes over to Michael and gives him a hug and a kiss on the head.

   " It's not your fault you guys suck," Alyssa comforts Michael as she rubs his back.

 Michael does a couple of fake sniffles and wipes away a fake tear with the back of his hand. Then Calums exclaims," We should play a sport we're good at like...football or what you would call soccer!"

   " Yeah!" the boys chant.

 " Fine. Fine. Fine," I agree," But before we play, I want to make sure the perimeter is safe before we start."

   " I'm going too," Luke says looking directly into my eyes and then smirks.

 " You guys can go inside and go take a break while we do that," I announce looking Luke's way.

   Everyone piles into the living room having their own conversations, while Luke and I start walking towards the forest in the backyard. I take out the secret weapons that I hid in the ground just in case something were to happen, and pass one over to Luke and take one for myself. We start heading into the forest when he asks," Well that was a nice game, wasn't it?"

   " Yeah, but you guys really did suck," I smile stepping over a branch.

  " Who cares, in the next sport you guys are going to want to take back your words," Luke says stopping in his path.

  I stop and turn around and take a step towards him to say," You're sure?"

  He moves his head closer,so there is little space between us and says," Yeah."

   I can't stop smiling because how cute he is. I move my head closer so our noses are touching to whisper my answer," You must be really sure."

    He puts down his knife and puts his hands on my hips and whispers back," Yeah I'm pretty sure."

  He lightly places a kiss on my lips for a second before quickly taking it away and I ache for his kiss again, but a longer one. But I still smile brighter than the sun and he smiles back. I wrap my arms around his neck while he leans in for one more kiss. This kiss is not like the first one, this one is more passionate, much more force, so much force that my back is now up against a tree. It gets more heated when we start feeling each others bodies, but then we hear a twig snap and we pull away from each other to see what it is. 

   It's a zombie a few feet away from us, I walk up to it having my knife in position and aim for the head causing it to fall to the ground. I hear Luke from behind me say," I can't believe I found that very attractive."

   I turn around and blush while he places a kiss on my cheek. We continue to check the perimeter to make sure it's safe with a occasional kiss here and there. When we're finished we head back to the back yard and put our knives back in the bag.

  We walk back to the glass door that is in the living room to go get the others. When we open the door, everybody in the whole room stops talking. Luke and I look at each other for answers, but nothing comes from either of us, so we look back at them. I give a small wave and greet," Hi guys we're back."

   They just continue to stare at us.

    " What the heck guys, why are you guys so quite? And stop looking at us!" Luke smirks.

  Then everyone in the room starts smiling.

   " You guys are weird and you're creeping me out," I exclaim.

  Then Calum finally breaks away from the silence.

   "Wooh! I can't do it anymore! I have to talk, I have to say something!" Calum smiles. 

 " I knew you would be the first person to break the silence," Ashton says.

   " By the way, if you were wondering, we were having a competition to see who would break first and say something when you guys came in," Kate explains.

   We continue to talk and take a break for a little bit before having to get back to our day of fun.

 * A Long Time Later *

   The sun already dove below the horizon leaving us in the moon light and in chilly weather. Many games were played, there were many wins and many loses, and it all counted in this very second...

    " The winner is..." I started to announce standing by our bonfire.

  Everyone had physically leaned in waiting to hear who won this day of fun. Each and everyone of us had played hard, sweated our butts off, and tried to win for each of our teams, trying not to let anyone down when playing even if we sucked really badly. It all came down to this one moment. The moment of truth...

   I looked down at my chart I had made on a piece of paper and frowned, " It's a tie."

  " What!!!" Everyone yelled along with exhaustion noises and sighs.

   " Yep, it's a tie," I said double checking the chart.

  " We need a winning activity," Kate suggested.

  " Yeah!" Everyone agrees.

  I shrug my shoulders and ask," So what's it going to be?"

  " I don't care what it is going to be, but no more sports. I'm too pooped," Michael states.

 Then Ashton pops up from his seat and says," How about a performance? Everyone here at least knows how to play an instrument. And everyone is going to have to sing, but someone might have to sit out to judge."

   " But it's unfair that you guys actually are talented and were famous before this all happened," Jessy complains.

  " Wait...WHAT!?!? MIKEY YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!" Alyssa yells shocked as Michael slowly slinks in his seat.

  Michael takes Alyssa to her further into the back yard to explain.

  " Well we might as well have Alyssa as our judge since she's never heard us," Ashton says looking over at where Michael and Alyssa are talking," Plus you have a talented singer and guitar player on your team." Ashton eyes Kate as she blushes.

   Michael and Alyssa come walking back to the group as I announce our next activity," So we're going to do the performance as our final activity. I recommend Alyssa to be our judge for the performance since she's never heard 5 Seconds of Summer before, but do you want to do it Alyssa?"

  I put the spotlight on her, and she agrees.

  " Okay now we need a place to go because it's getting cold out here," I say as I shiver but Luke comes to the rescue by wrapping his arms around me. He looks down at me and questions," We could always go to the basement."

   " That sounds nice, so let the game begin," I say gazing into his beautiful blue eyes and smile. He chuckles but I can't help myself from blushing because he's so freaking cute. We stay like this for, I don't know how long, but the bond fire has now been put out and Calum is calling for us to come inside. Luke lets go and the cold air is rushed to my warm body, but he puts one arm around me and we walk inside together.

     Calum directs me upstairs and to the room that the girls are practicing. I walk inside to get attacked with a bear hug from Jessie.

   " Aw you guys look so cute together!" Jessie exclaims.

    " Um, thanks?" I say giving her a couple pats on the back," Well we need to start practicing. What songs should we do Kate?"

   She lifts up her head and says," Um basically anything."

  Jessie lets go of me and suggests," Do you know Say It Ain't So by Weezer?"

  " Yeah," Kate answers.

    " We can do that song and Jessie can be on drums!" I say," Okay it's time to get practicing."

 Kate picks up the guitar that sits on the bed that was probably supplied from one of the boys. And we started practicing and just saying Kate is AMAZING!


" It's time now," Calum shouts through the door.

  We get up and head downstairs to the basement to meet Alyssa and the boys.

  Alyssa speaks up and say," Okay the rules for this last and finale game is that nobody plays or sings a single note while the other group performs or the whole group loses a point. Don't play dirty; play fair. Also this game is worth 10 points and I can take off points if needed. Are you ready to rock?"

   We cheer.

  " Okay the girls will be going first since the boys were a famous band before the zombie apocalypse."

   We walk to the front of the room where it's suppose to be the stage while the boys sit on the floor.

  " You can start any time you're ready," Alyssa says.

    Jessie sits on the stool and picks up the bongos and gives a nod signaling she's ready and I give a nod to Kate then she speaks," We're doing a cover of Say It Ain't So by Weezer."

   There's a loud applause and cheer from the boys and they stop, we start.


Kate and Sarah: Oh yeah



Kate: Somebody's Heine

 Is crowdin' my icebox                     

 Somebody's cold one                         

 Is givin' me chills              

 Guess I'll just close my eyes  


Kate and Sarah: Oh yeah                                


Feels good Inside  


Kate: Flip on the tele                    

Wrestle with Jimmy                  

Something is bubbling                     

Behind my back                   

The bottle is ready to blow


Kate: Say it ain't so            

Your drug is a heartbreaker                     

Say it ain't so                 

My love is a life taker     


Kate: I can't comfort you 

 I never could do  

That which might hurt you

So try and be cool  

When I say  

This way is a waterslide away from me

 That takes you further every day  

So be cool  


Kate:Say it ain't so  

Your drug is a heartbreaker

Say it ain't so

My love is a life taker


Kate:Dear daddy

 I write you spite all these years of silence

You've cleaned up, found Jesus, things are good or so I hear

This bottle of Steven's awakes ancient feelings 

 Like father, stepfather, the son is drowning in the flood

Kate and Sarah:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah  


Kate:Say it ain't so  

Your drug is a heartbreaker  

Say it ain't so  

My love is a life taker         


The boys and Alyssa start cheering and clapping loudly. We all take a bow and walk to where the boys are sitting to take their places on the floor so they can perform. Once they're up in front of the room we start clapping and cheering. Each of them send a wink to their special someone and in my case Luke sends me one and I blush. 

  " We'll be doing a cover of Yellow by Coldplay," Luke says looking my way.


Luke: Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

And everything you do

Yeah, they were all yellow


Luke: I came along

I wrote a song for you

And all the things you do

And it was called Yellow


Luke: So then I took my turn

Oh what a thing you've done

and it was all yellow


L,C,M,A: Your skin

Oh yeah your skin and bones

Turn into

Something beautiful

You know

You know I love you so

You know I love you so


Calum: I swam across 

I jumped across for you

Oh what a thing to do

And it was all yellow


Calum: I drew a line

I drew a line for you

Oh what a thing to do

And it was all yellow


L,C,M,A: Your skin

Oh yeah your skin and bones

Turn into

Something beautiful

And you know

For you I'd bleed myself dry

For you I'd bleed myself dry


L,C, M, A: It's true 

Look at how they shine for you

Look at how they shine for you

Look at how they shine for 

Look at how they shine for you

Look at how they shine for you

Look at how they shine


Michael: Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

And all the things that you do


  I feel as about to start crying tears of joy as the girls and I clap and cheer for the boys as they bow. During the whole perform they kept their eyes on each of their girlfriend like they were singing directly to us. 

   Everyone puts down their instrument and hugs each other. As I'm hugging Luke, he says," You know I love you right?"

  " Yeah and I love you too," I say as I hug him a little tighter making sure this isn't a dream and he kisses the top of my head.

   " Okay everyone here's the score," Alyssa announces.

  I stop hugging Luke, but still stand very close to him.

   Alyssa raises her finger and says," But before I go on, I just want to ask, girls did your guy say 'You know I love you right?' when you hugged them?"

   I feel Luke tense up as we all answer with a yes.

  " Mhm," Alyssa starts writing on the score board as I turn to look at Luke and he is blushing and has his head down.

   Alyssa grabs our attention and say," The boys were going to get a 10, but not after that trick they just pulled so now they are down to a 5. And girls you guys got a 10 since you picked one of my favorite songs and because you didn't try to trick us. So the girls are the winners!"

  All of the girls, including me, cheer and give each other high fives and we all huddle up and whisper into each other ears before we start chanting," Girls rule and boys drool."

   When we are done we start laughing then give our guys a hug since the we're giving us the puppy dog face. I give Luke a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek and whisper in his ear," You know I still love you, right?"



  Sorry it took me so long to update.

  You shouldn't take that apology cause this is unacceptable :/

 But the next chapter is going to be the last.

   I hope you enjoyed this chapter and this movella. 

  I will be starting another movella after the last chapter, so be on the look out if you want to read it.

 Well I got to go, Bye!

 ( And if you never heard on the songs in this chapter I suggest checking them out. Also at school I have this student teacher that's in a band called We Speak in Sounds which is pretty cool. I should leave you alone, sorry, here's the real bye, Bye!)


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