A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


19. Don't Worry, It's Only the Beginning...

*Sarah's P.O.V*

  I wake up to the sunlight shining through the shades and Luke's arms wrapped around me. Last night I had convinced Jessy to sleep in Calum's bed, so Luke could sleep in here. And as always I slept really good because Luke was right beside me. I never figured out how and why he was my sleep aid, but it doesn't matter as long as he was here, right next to me. Really nothing matters to me anymore being with Luke, well besides my friends. Life at the moment doesn't matter because there's not much to look forward to living in a zombie apocalpyse. I could die right now, but as long as I am with Luke, it wouldn't matter. Who knew my life would be so dependent on one person?

   It's been weeks since our day of fun and all of us have become really close, like a family. Alyssa and Kate have moved in, but sometimes Kate leaves to visit her brother to check up on him. We tell him that he's welcomed to stay with us, but he always declines. 

    I look over at Luke to see him peacefully resting. With the sunlight coming through the window and shining on his face, makes him look like an angel. Then I hear him mumble, "Take a picture, it lasts longer."

   I reach out my arm to the nightstand and grab the Polaroid, I pull back from Luke's arms and snap the picture. The Polaroid spits out the picture and I scoot back over into Luke's arms. We wait a bit for the picture to show up and slowly appears a Luke looking like he is sleeping.

  "Now one together," Luke says grabbing the other side of the camera and lifting it up with my help.

   Luke puts his other arm around me and brings me close and whispers in my ear," Say cheese." I look over at him and smirk as he looks back at me with a smirk. The Polaroid was already releasing the picture when I looked up to it then it takes another one and releases it too. I picked up the first one and all I could see was a couple giving each other lovingly stares with two smirks wiped across their faces. Luke picked up the second one and in that picture shows both of us smiling at the camera. 

   "I'll be keeping these," he says taking the one out of my hands and puts his other one together on the nightstand,"You can have the one of me."

   I give him a questioning look and just answers," It's for something special." I nod and just go along for whatever he going to do with those pictures of us because I'm most likely going to find soon enough. I stretch and say," I'm going to go downstairs for some breakfast."

   I feel Luke's arms lock around me and hold me tightly to his chest, but not too tight where I can't breathe. " Don't go, stay with me. I want you to stay here with me all day."

  " I can't. I'm starving," I whine," But you can come with me."

   " Okay, I was hungry anyways," Luke agrees. Then I hear his stomach roar signaling that he is hungry, I chuckle and get up. I start combing my hair as Luke pulls on his shirt and tries to fix his hair with his fingers. We walk out the room together with our fingers intertwined and we head downstairs with goofy smiles on our faces. When we walk into the kitchen, we are greeted by Calum and Jessy.

   " Awe look at cute couple. They look so adorable," Jessy exclaims. 

  I feel my cheeks burn and I look down at the ground.

  " Awe even cuter, you guys are both blushing," Jessy chimes.

  " Well um, I'm going to go eat now," I say trying to hide my face even more by turning to go to the stove to get some oatmeal.


  " Okay we all have some chores to do and we need to get started before the sun goes down," Ashton explains," Kate and I will be cleaning the house and the rest of you guys will be going on a run to get some supplies."

  " Nope, you and Kate will be coming with us. You guys will not stay in this house alone because I don't want stuff going on while we're gone," Calum argues.

  " Fine, we'll go to show that we weren't going to do anything that you might be thinking of Calum," Ashton says rolling his eyes," But still this house needs to be cleaned up."

  " We can do it when we come back," I suggest.

  " Okay, well we all better start getting ready," Ashton agrees.

 It's about 10 am and we just finished our breakfast. Surprisingly everyone woke up early (and it rarely happens) and we decided not to let the day slip away from us, so we decided to go out on a run and clean the house.

  All of us walk up stairs to change out of our sleep wear. We gather all of book bags and some weapons and put them in the truck for when we are ready. We also gather some water and some snacks for the trip. Once we were all ready, we all pile into the mini-van and put on a CD and basically yell out the top of lungs to the songs that blast through the speakers.

  Along the way we stop at many shops picking up whatever we can get and try to look for candy and snacks if they weren't already taken. 

   " Okay, we're going over to that warehouse for our last stop and then we're going home," Ashton conducts pointing to a warehouse for a store.

   " It's quite big and it's getting dark," I say worriedly.

  " It's fine we just can't split up too far," Luke says.

   " I don't know..." 

  " Are you scared Sarah?" Ashton smirks.

   " No, I just have a bad feeling about this."

  Something just doesn't feel right. Something's bad is going to happen, I can feel it.

  " Something wrong?" Luke whispers in my ear," You're frowning."

  " No, nothing just thinking," I answer.

   " About what?"

  " I have a bed feeling, but it's nothing."

    " You don't have to come in."

  " I will, it's nothing," I say brushing it off as we pull up to the warehouse.

   As we all get out the van the feeling get worse, but I keep on going. 

  " Okay here's all your flashlights and we'll meet back here in 10 minutes," Ashtons says handing each of us a flash light.

  " I can go with you if you want," Luke offers.

  " No thank you, I think I'll be fine," I say giving him a flash of a smile and kiss him on the cheek.

   He gives me a smile and I grin back to him," Good luck."

  " Right back at ya," I reply.

  I switch on my flashlight and walk into the warehouse and I look for a room that has food. When I find one, I place a chuck of wood underneath the door to use a door stopper. The feeling I have gets worse as I take steps further into the room, but I decide to ignore it. I open up my book bag and grab some bagged foods in the crates with my flashlight in my mouth. 

  Then I hear something fall behind me and I drop my bag and flashlight and turn around to have a zombie tackle me to the ground. I scream and try to push the zombie off of me, but it's too late. 

  The zombie has bitten into my shoulder and I still scream and try to push him off of me.

   "Sarah!" Luke yells and runs into the room.

  I hold up the zombie as he shots it in the head and I push the zombie off of me. I scream in pain as the blood pours out of me and onto the floor. Luke comes running over to me as the others run into the room. I try to stop screaming so I can hear what Luke is saying, but the pain is really bad. So I just clench my teeth and try to keep my vision on Luke.

  " No no no no no," Luke repeats over and over," I should have listened. I should have gone with you. I-"

   " It's okay Luke," I gasp as the pain becomes too much too bare.

  " No it's not," Luke weeps into his hands.

  " Look at me. Don't focus on the bite, look me in the eyes like you did this morning," I say.

  He slowly raises his head and looks me in the eyes.

  " I will always be with you, I'll never leave you. I'll always be here," I gasp pointing to his heart," I love you. I love you so much."

  He looks at where I'm pointing to his heart and he takes my hand. He pulls something out of his pocket and opens it.

  " This is never how I expected this to happen, I was waiting until we got home and settled down. But since we never did..." He looks me in the eye and asks," Will you marry me?"

   A tear runs down my cheek as I feel myself distancing away from the world, but I manage to say," Yes."

 Luke, with tears running down his face and shaking, pulls the ring out of the box and slides it on my ring finger. "I love you too," He says giving me a kiss.

  He pulls away and my breathing gets a bit jagged, my time is running out. I try to yell to everyone behind Luke but it comes out as whisper," I love you all and treat my Lukey right. I'm going to miss you guys, you all have been great friends to me, but here's my last and final goodbye. Adios amigos."

   I smirk and let myself fade out of this world...

  Next thing I know I'm surrounded by darkness, I look down at myself to see I'm in a white dress. I look around once more to have my eyes land on a women and her son. I walk up to them to see that they're no ordinary people, but my mom and brother.

  " It's not time honey," My mom says.

  " But what do you mean?" I ask.

  " You're not ready, you still have a life to live. It's too early."

  " So I just go back?" I question.

  " Yes," my little brother answers.

   " But I want to be with you guys, please?" I cry," I miss you guys so much."

  " It's okay honey," my mom says wrapping her arms around as I smell her familiar scent of a jasmine flower," We're always here, with you even though you might not see us. But you have to be strong."

  My little brother, Tommy, hugs my legs and agrees with mom.

  " Can you do that for me?" She lets go of me and puts her hands on my shoulders.

 I nod my head unable to speak because I was crying too much. She wraps her arms around me again and this time I put my arms around her too.

 " We have to go, our time is limited here," she says hugging me a bit tighter then she lets go," Just remember we'll always be with you."

  Tommy lets go and I bend down to give him a real hug.

  " Be a good boy and don't cause any trouble," I say to him. I used to say that to him everyday before we went to school.

  " Okay, big sis," He nods. I put my hand on his head and ruffle his hair.

    I get back up and say," Also tell grandpa I said hello."

 " I will," My mom smiles.

  Then all of a sudden they're gone and I stand in the dark alone. Slowly I start hearing something like a beeping noise and then I hear a voice.

  " She's stable now, but I'm not sure when she's coming back sir," a deep voice says.

  " Okay, but she will be fine?" I hear a very familiar voice ask.

   " I don't know seeing her condition," The deep voice speaks again.

  My body urges to move it's self and tells me to move. I try moving my big toe and I keep trying until I feel it start nudging against my other toe.

  " Doc, look!" I hear the familiar voice say.

  " That's probably just the body moving her toe."

  I start trying to move my fingers, but only can move them a little bit. 

 " But look her toe and her fingers are moving now."

 " Hmm..."

  I move my left arm over my stomach and open my eyes to just a crack. It's blurry at first, but my eyes get used to the light. 

  " Oh my...She's awake!" The doctor exclaims.

  I grin at the doctor's remark of me waking up, I move my hands over to my eyes and rub them. I sit up and try to stretch as much as I can. 

 " Sarah!" Luke yells and tackles me into bear hug," I've missed you much. You been asleep for a couple weeks."

  I hug him back and try to speak but only a croak comes out. Luke lets go of me and gets me a cup of water and I gulp it down fast.

 " How long have I been asleep?"

 " About 3 weeks," Luke say smiling.

 " Sorry to interrupt but I have to run a few test," The doctor says, still surprised.

  After the test are done he says," You are free to go home, you just have get a form. And by the way your chart looked like I wasn't expecting you to wake up so early. I predicting at least a couple month because you were in bad condition when you came here."

   I tilt my head slightly and ask," How did I end up here?"

  " You were in a car accident. The other person was intoxicated and had crashed into you causing both of you swerve of the road, but lucky people were around and called because if they weren't both of you wouldn't have made it," The doctor explains.

   "Um, is the other person still alive?" I ask.

  " Unfortunately not, he had died in the crash," He says grimly.   

  I nod my head and the doctor leaves the room. I turn to look at Luke to see him smiling at me.

  I smile," What?"

   He shakes his head," Nothing...Oh I just text everyone that you're awake and they said that they're coming right away."

 I nod my head and then a thought comes into mind," Wait, aren't you guys on tour at the moment?"

   " We were, but once we heard that you were in the hospital, we put the tour on hold. They've been bothering us to make a decision of should we still continue the tour or cancel it. I didn't want to leave you behind but I also didn't want to let our fans down, so we've been holding it off. The decision is due tomorrow and I'm glad you're awake because now we can start up the tour again," He grins at me.

  " You should call in and say to start up the tour again. Your fans would be so happy to hear that."

  " Yeah...I'll do it later because right now I just want to be with you since you're awake. And the fans found out what had happen to you and they've been so kind, well most of them. The hospital even had to put up more security because they were trying to sneak in and come visit you," He chuckles.

 " Awe," I reply, I've always found their fans so nice, well only the people who didn't hate on me or the whole band. Hater got to hate, I guess.

 " Can I sit?" Luke asks pointing to the spot next to me.

   " Sure," I agree and scoot over and pat the side next to me.

 He gets up from his chair and sit down next to me. He slides his arm around me and gives me a kiss on the cheek, but I turn my head to him and give him a kiss on the lips. Boy did I miss his lips on mine, dreaming it wasn't the same.

 We pull apart and look each other in the eye. His blue eyes sparkle like the sea on a sunny day. I look down at his lips to see him gnaw at his bottom lip nervously.

  " What's wrong?" I ask.

  " Nothing."

 " Yeah, you've been chewing on your lip like it's a piece of gum and you keep saying nothing, it's obviously something. Just tell me, I've been your girlfriend for like 3 years," I ask concerned.

 " Okay, hold on," He says getting up from the bed.

  " What are you doing?" I ask.

  " Something I wanted to do before you got into that accident. You know how we were suppose to go to dinner that night?" He asks digging in his back pocket.

   " Yeah."

 " Well I had something special planned," He says hiding the thing in his hand. Then he gets down on one knee and takes my left hand," I can't wait any longer, I've been dying to do this for months but has always been too scared to. The guys have been cheering me on. And I don't want anything to come between us because of me being a chicken and thought of you almost dying...scared me so much because I wanted you to know I love you very much before anything happens. And I know I'm just rambling, so now the important part......Will you marry me?" He asks showing off the back box and then opens it to show a beautiful ring.

  I cover my mouth with my right hand, shocked, and then put my hand down and smile," Yes. Yes, I'll marry you!" 

  He shakes as he takes out the ring and slides the ring on my finger. He stands up and says,"I never thought I would do it in a hospital, maybe like in a more romantic place like a restaurant or something place like that. I had that ring in my pocket each time I came here hoping you would wake up so I could propose. I know it wasn't much of a speech but-"

  I get up and kiss him passionately so he could stop his rambling, he does that whenever he's nervous which I find adorable. He puts his hands on my waist as I step back to sit on the bed, when I hear Michael yell," Wooh! PG people or at least PG-13."

 Luke and I pull apart and blush," Hey, guys..."

 " We haven't talked in weeks and all we get is a 'hey', but Luke gets a make-out session. I was expecting maybe a group hug at least," Calum exclaims.

 Calums tries to walk up to me, but Luke blocks him and warns," You can get it after she's out of gown and changed into her clothes. Plus don't you have a girlfriend named Jessy? So nice try, get out."

 " Oh, you just got told Calum," Michael cheers as Ashton gives him a high five.

   " Hey, you two have girlfriends too named Kate and Alyssa," Luke says raising his eyebrow at Michael and Ashton.

 Once Calum is out the door, Luke closes the door and I get changed into my clothes that Luke must have brought while visiting. I pull on my shirt to see it has Walking Dead on it, my favorite tv show. Then I start to remember my dream I had while sleeping.

 " My band mates are such weirdos," Luke sighs into his hands.

  " Hey! I heard that!" Calum yells through the door.

  " Get your ear off the door, you creep!" I yell as I cringe. Both Luke and I look at each other and laugh.

  When we settle down, I ask," We're did you get this shirt from?"

  " Since you always tweet about The Walking Dead, a couple of fans decided to give you it as a gift."

  " That's so nice of them," I say smiling down at my shirt," Also while I was sleeping, I had a dream about all of us living in a zombie apocalypse and all of us met. You and I fell in love and so did everyone else with their girlfriends and I had gotten bitten by a zombie getting some supplies. You came in and helped me then you proposed to me as I was dying. Then before I woke up, I met with my mother and Tommy, my little brother."

   " You're too obsessed with that show," Luke says smiling and rolls his eyes.

  " That's true!" Calums yells through the door.

   "Hey!" I exclaim stomping my foot," It's a very good show."

  Luke chuckles and gets up from his chair then walks over to me and puts his hands on my waist. I look up at him and he bends down to give me a peck on the lips.

 " But I still love you and you look so adorable when you're angry," He grins.

  He lets go and opens the door as Calum tumbles into the room from leaning against the door trying to listen in on us,while Ashton and Michael step over Calum. As Calum gets up, Luke announces," Group hug!"

 " We must have made it just in time," Alyssa shouts walking into the room along with Jessy and Kate.

    Everyone crowds around me  and open their arms wide and crush me into a huge group hug. We all scream, laugh, and complain about something hurting because we were hugging too tightly. Finally everyone lets go and gives a big sigh.

 " Let's go to the tour bus and continue this tour," I cheer as I walk out the door.

 " Yeah!" They cheer as a response.

 " Wait, Sarah can I see your left hand?" Ashton asks.

 " Sure," I agree and show him my left hand.

  " He did it! Wooh!" Ashton shouts," Pay up suckers."

  " You made a bet on when I was going to propose?" Luke asks.

  " Yeah, I bet next month," Calum says giving Ashton a twenty dollar bill.

  " And I bet that you would be too much of a chicken," Michael says giving Ashton a twenty dollar bill too.

   " Wow. Is all I can say," I admit.

  " Let's get out of here, I'm hungry," Jessy adds frowning.

    We all agree with Jessy and we leave the hospital after I sign out.


  On my way out, I smell jasmine reminding me of my mother. I guess she was right, even though life could be a living nightmare she and my other family members are going to always be there and who knew...so would my friends. 

  " Don't worry, it's only the beginning of everything," Luke whispers in my ear.


 Hey, wasn't that a woosie.

  By the way, if I already didn't say, there will not be a sequel to this book, but I will be writing another story next year called...

  Reading "A Nobody"

  So be on the look out. I haven't posted the first chapter yet, but it will be coming soon. I'll probably post another chapter on here with a link or something. 

  Thanks for the comments, likes, favorites,and reads I love to see people enjoying my content.

 So bye for now and see you in 2015.






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