The Story of Silence

Silence Mourner is like every other person out there, but not every person is like Silence.

The story starts in the small, Italian village of Paura where Father Demetre finds a four-year-old boy in the snow beside three fresh graves. A mystery surrounds the boy, who is he? What was he doing out there alone in the cold? How did he get there? Whose graves are they? And finally, why can the boy no longer speak? Faced with these problems, Father Demetre takes the boy in and with the help of the village doctor, they care for him until a stranger from New York comes to claim him.

Now named Silence Mourner, follow this boy's road to manhood in the distant city of New York where he has slowly come to forget his secret, but his silence serving as a reminder that it should never be told. Now faced with a girl from his youth who is determined to bring it into the light, will it stay concealed, or will his desire to remember bring it all out?


22. Chapter 22


September 21st:

Each person’s wedding is different from everybody else’s, though they are practically the same. Silence’s wedding wasn’t like everybody else’s.

He stood at the altar of the Church, eyes staring ahead, focusing on a point above the Priest’s head. The band off to the side struck up a song as the doors in the back of the church opened and Silence, grinning, turned to watch.

A white gowned figure walked through the open doors and marched slowly up the aisle, holding onto her father’s arm. They reached the front and separated, Susan’s father heading to a seat in the front row and Susan taking the last few steps to stand next to Silence.

They couldn’t help but look at each other as the Priest droned on. Silence felt so happy he couldn’t concentrate on what the Priest was saying, and kept sneaking glances to the girl beside him who would soon be his wife. He found she kept doing the same.

After another look at each other, they turned back to the priest who was probably saying something important that they should probably be listening to. The priest reached the ‘I Do’ part, and Susan said ‘I Do’, taking the time to smile back over at Silence. The Priest then turned to Silence and asked him the same question.

Silence wrote out his answer and handed it to his best man who rushed off to the other end of the room where the sound people sat and handed them the note. They placed it into the projector and trained it onto the screen just above those on the stage. The note read: I Do.

Susan’s smiled brightened as she read it, and the priest’s last words were spoken.

‘I now pronounce you man and wife.’ And turning to Silence he said, ‘You may now kiss the bride.’

Silence took Susan’s hands in his, and drawing her near leaned forwards, she did the same and their lips met. A cheer went up as they wrapped their arms around each other and deepened the kiss.

This meant there was a happy ending for everybody.

The End

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