Déàdłÿ Déàłîñgs

A supernatural horror sure to put you on your toes mixed in with a bit of romance

My name is Ryan I have short black hair, vibrant green eyes, muscular build, oh and I'm a devil, a son of satan. But I hate my father


1. prologue

I live with my "father" he's more like a older brother, he found me and my brother as very young children and took us in as his own he is a priest and hunter, a hunter for satan's evil creatures my brother is thin but has a bit strength, he did not inherit any of dad's ancient power of flame I have always had a temper no matter what I do I keep getting mad and it's because of satan " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH DAMN YOU FATHER! " I yelled in rage " I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU!" " you know it will take you years to him, he's not someone you can find in an alley" my brother said " I know that Jake I'm not a kid anymore we are almost graduates of high school, this is are last year and only a few months left. By the point what collage are you going to?" "Oh I don't know more than likely Cross University. How about you Ryan?""Cross if they let me, only 17 percent of the students that apply actually and you have a good chance." "They have a special program that you should apply for I'm doing it as well" "ok I will send a forum in."


Later that day I sent the email then went to my job I worked for a few hours then went home to the abbey where I lived with my brother. "Hey Jake I got an email from Cross and it's directed to both of us." "Really well open it up" I opened up the email as I read it, I looked at my brother and said "we made it" and a smile grew on both of our faces "WE MADE IT" we said in unison.

Well this is a short prologue and a hopefully good start to my new story

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