Déàdłÿ Déàłîñgs

A supernatural horror sure to put you on your toes mixed in with a bit of romance

My name is Ryan I have short black hair, vibrant green eyes, muscular build, oh and I'm a devil, a son of satan. But I hate my father


3. chapter 2

I laid in my bed with brother at the desk reading and quizzing me in demonology to make sure I knew the many types of demons and their weak points, he asked me a question that completely took me by surprise "do you know what kind of class you will be?" "Uh no I never thought about it. Why?" " just wondering because there are five different classes you know, there is the dragoon, priest, knight, Mage, and the summoner." "If I had to choose it would be the knight, being I know how to properly handle a sword and and shield, father didn't think I was a dumb sack of shit you know." "Yes I do know that and he was my tutor too he taught me the entire bible, I know it by heart." "Well that's an amazing thing I could never do that, and do you know where the blacksmith class is I want to apply for learning how to make armor and weapons." " that would be after the main classes end, kind of like an elective in high school you knows." "Ok thanks I am going to craft a shield and my own set of armor." Now that I know when the time is I can start working on it.

I went to the weapons room where they keep all their guns, staves, knives, swords, shields, and verse books. After looking around I found the practice room after grabbing a spartan type sword and shield, I went over to the practice circle that had manakins with armor on them, I pelted them with blows from my sword disarming them then bashing them with my shield, not even breaking a sweat impressed with myself I set the shield and sword down and grabbed a claymore off the wall then hit the button 'live practice dummies' the circle of manakins came to life picked up their weapons and started walking to me I hefted up the claymore which is a two-handed sword swung a heavy attack at the manakin which cut it's shield in half, obliterating it's arm and torso, I quickly recovered and blocked an attack from behind, I shoved the manakin's sword back then swung a big arc with the claymore cutting the manakin in half, there was 28 more manakins to go, i decided to to grab the broad sword and the shield, I cut 28 down to 22, I fought my way to the shield and sword and finally reached them I dropped the claymore feeling lighter and grabbed the sword and shield which was a spartan type shield, big circular, very strong, and burn proof the exact qualities I need for a good defense and balance the sword, double edged, the hardest to handle and practice with but I was trained with a double edged sword molding my agility to more than speed.

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