Déàdłÿ Déàłîñgs

A supernatural horror sure to put you on your toes mixed in with a bit of romance

My name is Ryan I have short black hair, vibrant green eyes, muscular build, oh and I'm a devil, a son of satan. But I hate my father


2. chapter 1

Just to fill you in on what happened so far at Cross university, it's great I mean lots of cute girls that looked back at me back, I don't mind it but I'm looking for my one and only, I don't just hump and dump. In my special course class I have to pass it with a B or higher and my brother is my teacher that's awkward I mean I'm the older one too, but in my class there is me, Jess (a girl), Noah, Bailey (a guy), savannah, Amanda, Hannah, and Mia wow she's gorgeous with long brown hair that goes down to her butt, and a angelic face, emerald eyes, blessed with big boobs nice ass and a flat stomach I could tell I didn't need to see it. Before my first day my father that took me and my brother in he gave me a sword he said god had made it to destroy evil forces on the earth by someone of satanic blood and he said that is me.

I walked into class to see everyone there, I sat in the front like I always have then I realized I forgot something in my locker I got up and Jess was standing behind me and she said "can you move I something important to do" "ya give me a second" "well sorry to say I don't have a second to spare" as she said it she put a hand on my chest mumbled something then I wen flying back smashing my back on the black board cracking it then landing on my hands and knees I looked at her and she had summoned two spirit dogs I thought they were hell hounds which enraged me "that wasn't very nice" one of her dogs came running at me as it leaped I grabbed it's neck turned I over smashing it on ground I held it's head down then punched it's neck paralyzing it I reached for my sword and it wasn't there I noticed she had and about to unsheathe it "don't do it, it will only hurt you" I said remembering what father said "don't open it unless absolutely needed" then she took the sword out just a bit and I burst into flames but they weren't regular flames they were blue and didn't burn "I told you not to" I said rushing her she dropped the sword I grabbed it and completely unsheathed it and sliced the other dog in half turning it into dust I aimed the sword at her "don't people ever listen, guess not" I sheathed the sword and grabbed my stuff and left.

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