Delusional (Harry Styles Fan Fic AU)

A Daydreamer is what she called herself. She thought was just daydreaming. But boy was she wrong about that...

Copyright © 2014 ThatsSoCrystal


3. The Trouble You're In

You finished your breakfast and got your clothes back on. You put your hair in a messy bun and looked at Harry. As he took you home that afternoon you couldn't help, but worry about how much trouble you're probably going to be in. You asked Harry to come in with you, "I would, but I have to go pick up friend. I'm truly sorry. I'll explain another time. But tell them that it was an accident because it truly was."


You nodded and pecked Harry's lips. "I'll see you tomorrow or even later tonight," You said smiling.


He nodded, "Bye sweetheart," he rolled up the window and waited for me to get inside before driving off.


When you walked in your parents were standing right there with angry looks on their faces as their arms were crossed across their chest's, "Um, hi mom. Hi dad," you said quickly and started to make your way to the stairs.


Your step-mom blocked the stairs, "Where were you?" she asked sternly. You bit your lip, you didn't want to lie.


"Well?" your dad butted in.


"I was with a boy..." you trailed off biting your lip.


"Who? What boy? You have no guyfriends in your life," Your mother said protectively. You shot your mom a glare. You could not believe she just said that. You shoved passed her and went up to your room,


"WAY TO GO, TINA! You made her upset! That's all you ever do to my daughter is make her upset!" your dad stood up for you and headed up the stairs and knocked on your door, "Sweetheart, open up. She didn't mean it that way," you have bee a daddy's girl for awhile. You weren't until your dad remarried. Your step-mother hates you.


You just cried into your pillow, "Go away, dad!" you mumbled into your pillow. You weren't in the mood to talk.


"Rosetta Ann open up," he said more sternly.


You sighed and got up with red and puffy eyes. You unlocked the door and went back over to your bed and plopped down facing away from everything. You heard a click and you heard your dad's footsteps. You felt the bed move a little so you knew your dad sat down.


"Look at me, sweetie."


You sighed, "What do you want dad?" Your voice cracks.


"I want you to look at me while I'm talking to you," you rolled your eyes and turned to your head crossing your arms.


"Now, who's this boy you're talking about?" he asked like it wasn't a big deal.


"Harry is his name," you said casually.


Your dad rose an eyebrow, "You know what his last name is? You thought for a moment and shook your head.


"No," you can't believe you don't even know what his last name is and you two made love last night. You were ashamed of yourself again.


"Why don't you know his last name? I told you before you date a guy you have to know how old he is and his full name."


You groaned. You're so used to your over-protective dad now, "I know how old he is. He's 20 years young. No more, no less."


"I  told you to know his FULL name before you date him," your dad says sternly.


You sighed rolling your eyes, "I know, dad..."


He nodded standing up, "Good, now since you were out all night and didn't call. You're grounded for a week-"




"No buts Rosetta. You're grounded give me your phone and computer." You shook your head, "No dad I refuse," your eyes water.


"Crying isn't getting you out of it this time. Phone. Computer. Now, or it'll be 2 weeks," you took a sharp breath with tears in your eyes still and gave him your stuff, "I'll be up to check on you in a little bit," your dad left the room and you were in tears. You had no contact with Harry anymore.

You just laid in your bed staring out hte window doing nothing and then you started talking to yourself, "I miss you, Mama. I wish you were still here," you cried into your blankets in a ball. You just laid there and you heard your ringtone. You heard your dad say hello. You sniffled and you heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. Your dad knocked. You wiped your tears, "What?" you asked quietly.


"Sabrina called she wanted to say sorry about earlier and she shouldn't of done that."


You nodded, "O-Okay," you just said and your dad walked down the stairs again. You went back to crying and cried yourself to sleep.


The light suddenly coming into the room shined. Someone touched your forehead, "It seems as if she's been passed out for awhile and she's been getting paler with every passing day."


You were asleep again, "She's been in this stage 7 days straight? Am I correct?"


"Yes," your father's voice rang through the room.


The nurse looked at you again, "It seems as if she's been in a coma," there were gasps though the room, "She should be awake any minute or maybe even tomorrow, you've been feeding her through an feeding tube, correct?"


Your dad nodded, "Yes, we have because she hasn't woken up."


"She could possibly have a mental disorder and her brain has slowed down quite possibly. When she wakes up we can have her tested if you'd like."


You dad nods, "Please do and if this helps any. She's been irritable, angry, or in a low mood for the past 3 years since her mother passed away. She hasn't been the same since then. I'm worried about her, doctor,"


The doctor in the same room nods, "Alright sir. That will help and we're going to figure out what's going on with her ASAP."


Your father nods and walks over to you taking your hand, "You're going to be okay, sugar. I'm going to be with you all the steps of the way. No matter what happens I'm going to be right there babygirl. I'll always been here for you. Always."


The next morning you laid there passed out totally out of it. All you heard were whispers the past 7 days. Your eyes fluttered open and it was really bright all of a sudden. You groaned at how bright it truly was. Like you were looking right at the sun,


"Rosetta!!" you heard your dad's yell. You groaned covering your ears.

"Pipe down," you grumbled.


Your father laughed, "I missed that voice," he hugged you tightly, "What happened to you?" he asks.


You shook your head ignoring his question. Your stepmother was nowhere to be seen. You were glad, but you spoke too soon. She came in with a therapist as she walked over to you two and told your parents to leave. You were worried.


They left and the therapist looked at you, "Alright, Rose. Now, tell me what's been going on lately."


You shook your head not wanting to answer that, "I-I really don't want to talk about my life," you crossed your arms.


"Come on, sweetheart. Just talk to me and I know you don't like talking about it," you sighed and started talking about Harry and how he looks. How sweet he is and such, "Do you know his last name?" she asked you sighed and shook your head, "When you find out let me know. your father told me to give you these things back. Maybe you can call him, yeah? And explain why you haven't seen or talked to him in a week," she smiled.


You just nodded and grabbed your phone dialing his number. He answered shortly after, "Hey babe. Why haven't we talked in a week?" He asked calmly.


You took a breath and sighed, "My dad took my phone and computer away for a week. I'm sorry, baby," you said as she let you talk to Harry.


"It's alright honey. I-I thought I-I lost you," his voice cracked.


"You wouldn't lose me. I'm a warrior remember?"


He laughed a little, "I know honey. So is it okay if we hang out."


"Sure, I'm ungrounded and I um-," you paused for a second and took a breath, "Just woke up from my um... coma," you said that last word quietly.


"Pardon?" he asked and you could feel him raise an eyebrow.


"I just woke up from a week coma," You repeated louder. Silence was on the other line.


"Oh my, God baby. What made that happen?" he asked.


"I-I don't know, but I need to see you. I want your kisses and hugs," you sniffled saying to him., "Hug and kisses."


He laughed, "Okay babe. What room are you in?"


You looked at the woman sitting beside you amused and you asked, "What room is this?"



You nodded and said, "237, honey,"


You could feel his smile through the phone, "Alright babe. I'll see you soon. I love you," he says husky-like.


"Okay, Hazza. But before you go. What's your middle and last name?" you asked.


He was confused, but said, "Edward Styles. I thought I told you that, honey."


You shook your head, "You didn't but if you did I don't remember."


He laughs, "Okay, I'll be there soon. Love ya!" he exclaimed happily.


You smiled happily, "Okay, babe see you soon. I love you too, bye," You hung up and smiled feeling butterflies in your stomach.


The woman then said her name, "I'm Lola," she held out her hand. You took her hand shaking it. You just relaxed smiling waiting for Harry to arrive...

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