Delusional (Harry Styles Fan Fic AU)

A Daydreamer is what she called herself. She thought was just daydreaming. But boy was she wrong about that...

Copyright © 2014 ThatsSoCrystal


5. Tears & Goodbyes

*Your POV*

It's been about 7 months since I've met Lola. Me and her are starting to get rather close, which surprises me. I was sitting in my bedroom looking out the window. He said he had to go for awhile. He was going to go with his family camping for about a week. He hasn't called me like I thought he would.  I knew that he doesn't call or text me when he's with his family. So, it didn't bother me much, but I loved him so much.


Lola walked in, "Hey Rosetta, how are you?" she asked walking over and sitting in front of me.


"I'm okay. I could be better," I shrugged.


"What's the matter? You know you can tell me anything, hun."


I sighed and said, "I miss Harry."


She chuckles, "I should've known that. He's camping right?" I nodded and she nods, "Well, I'm afraid this is going to be my last session with you."


I looked up at her, "Really?" I asked.


She nodded, "Yes, you seem like a lot happier person and open up more easily. That was my goal and what you're parents wanted. So, you can choose what we talk about today," she says smiling and crossing her arms.


I thought for a moment, "How about our goodbye's?" I asked her because I can't think of anything else.


She looks at me, "Are you sure? It may make you upset?"


I nodded, "I'm sure we'll stay in contact."


She nodded chuckling, "True. Whenever you need something I'll be there."


I smiled nodding and said, "I guess this is goodbye Lola. I really enjoyed my time with you. You really helped me with everything."


She smiled, "Of course any time Rosetta. All I leave you with is have fun and don't take life too seriously. You and Harry are perfect for each other."I smiled widely and felt my tears start to fall. I hugged her tightly and she hugged back tightly, "I love you, Rosetta. I'll always be your motherly figure because I know that you can't stand your step mother."


I chuckled a little, "Thanks, Lola. I love you too," I said into her chest and let my tears fall down my face. She just held me tight for a few minutes before I stopped crying. She pulled away and wiped my tears.


"Goodbye, sweetheart. Be careful with who you tell about Harry," I nodded not completely understanding.


"Alright, call me or text me whenever okay. Bye, honey," she stood up and left my room.


I looked out the window as I saw her walk to her car. She looked up at me and waved and her eyes were glistening in the sunlight. I waved back watcher her get in the car. I watched her ride into the sunset. My dad walked in and I got up running over to him, hugging him. He just held me as I cried a little more.


"I know sweetheart. Tina and I are going to take you on a road trip, okay?"


I nodded and then said, "What about Harry?" I asked.


He sighed. For some reason he doesn't like Harry, "He'll be fine and he'll understand. Pack your bags honey," I nodded and pulled away as he kissed my forehead.


He left my room and I was left alone to pack my bags. I was really confused on where we were going, but he just wants to surprise me. I got my purple suitcase and started packing for a week. That's probably all the longer we're going to be gone...



Yes, another short chapter. I'm only going to have 7 chapters in this story and then I'll make a sequel to this story and it'll be a real story. longer than this one. But it'll be good trust me

-Crystal xx

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