Delusional (Harry Styles Fan Fic AU)

A Daydreamer is what she called herself. She thought was just daydreaming. But boy was she wrong about that...

Copyright © 2014 ThatsSoCrystal


4. 'Meeting' Harry

In about an hour Harry arrived and your therapist was still there.


You looked up seeing Harry, "Harry!" You exclaimed and he hurried over embracing you into a hug,


"Hey babe," he mumbles and pecked your lips."


Your therapist looked at you confused. You just ignored her and talked to Harry. Your therapist dismissed herself.


Harry looked at you, "I wonder what that was about?" he wondered talking to you.


"I don't know," you shrugged as he laid beside you, "How come you didn't introduce yourself, Harry?"


He looked at you, "The question is why didn't you introduce me?" he asked.


You sighed, "I guess you're right, but I already talked about you before I called and when I hung up I told her that you were coming, but yeah. Her name is Lola and she's going to help me out of my depressing stage. I don't know why my parents just hired a person now after it's been 3 years after my biological mother's death," you sighed as you looked at Harry.


"Yeah that is a bit suspicious," he says stroking his imaginary beard.


"What do I do Harry?" You asked looking into his eyes.


"I say just go with the flow and maybe you'll find out along the way why they would hire a therapist 3 years after her death."


You nodded listening to his voice, "Okay, I guess," very soon after that the therapist walked in.


"Hey Rosetta, I brought you something that may help," she walked over handing you a book that had a neat design on it.


"What is this Lola?"


She smiled, "It's a journal (picture). You can write all your thoughts and feelings in it. Nobody can look at it, but you."


You smiled widely and brought it into your chest, "It's amazing. Thank you," you said  and then hugging her.


She hugged you back, "You're welcome. I had one when I was your age and it helped me out a lot."


You smiled and looked at Harry handing it to him, "Isn't it great, Harry?"


He smiles, "It sure is. Pink is one of my favorite colors!"


You looked at him shocked, "Really? I didn't know pink is one of your favorite colors. I had no idea."


He nods shyly, "That it is."


You giggled and pecked his lips a few times, "Why didn't you tell me?" you asked as he got shyer.


"Well, I thought you would think I'm a pussy because I like pink."


You shook your head, "I wouldn't ever. Tough men like pink, and treat their woman right."


He smiles as he touches your guy's noses, "Thank you, beautiful," he says kissing your lips. You giggled and cupped his face with your hands.


You felt him smile against your lips and he licked your lower lip not really caring that Lola was standing right there. You didn't care as well and opened up. He shoved his tongue in your mouth lovingly and explored your mouth. You did the same back to him. You two soon pulled away and Lola wasn't looking now.


"Are you done with making out noises? Lord!" she grumbled laughing.


You laughed and pulled away, "Yeah. Sorry," you said embarrassed snuggling into Harry's chest. You to laid there snuggling and then Lola said calmly.


"I'll be back tomorrow, Rose," you nodded, "Alright, be careful," you say.


She nods, "I will. Have fun you two," she says and waves leaving the room and the first then she does was go to your parents to give them the news... "Alright Mr. and Mrs. Stone. I have some news..."




I know this is a short chapter and I'm sorry about that.

-Crystal xx

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