Delusional (Harry Styles Fan Fic AU)

A Daydreamer is what she called herself. She thought was just daydreaming. But boy was she wrong about that...

Copyright © 2014 ThatsSoCrystal


2. Life In A Glasshouse



He chuckles, "Don't act like you just saw a ghost, babe," he says and you get chills down your spine.


You then whispered closing your eyes, "Go away you're just my imagination and you'll go away when I open my eyes," You opened your eyes and he was eating popcorn staring at you. You got butterflies in your stomach. 'What is going on with me' you thought to yourself. You were worried because it was two times more real than it was earlier, "Get out, get out of my head," You grumbled and people turned to you, "SHHHH!!!" they all say and turned back to the movie.


You heard Harry chuckle, "Wow, babe. When are you going to learn that I'm real?" he pratically shouted and no one turned around and just looked at the screen.  

"You lie, Harry. You're not real. If you were real everyone would've heard you."

He laughed, "Are you sure nobody heard me?" you put your finger up about to say something, but stopped yourself, "Exactly you can't know for sure,"


You mumbled things under your breath and said a little louder, "Sexist bastards..."


He just bursted into laughter and quickly covered his mouth quickly. People turned their heads giving you a dirty look. You shot a glare at Harry. Then your eyes widened. Wait people heard him?   How on earth did they hear him? He's not real or is he?


You asked yourself and felt a hand grab yours. You got cold all of a sudden and then warm. What the hell? You two never touched hands until now and you were majorly confused now. You looked up into his eyes and they were shining as bright as the stars which are shinier than usual. He pale skin was now turning tan.  


You just stared into your eyes and there was a small breeze that went along the floor of the cinema. You looked around and there were no signs of an open door or anything else, "What's going on?" you asked yourself quietly. You squeezed his now tan hand as you looked into his eyes. As weird as it is you two never kissed as a couple and you were in love with him.  


He squeezed your hand back staring into your eyes. He put his other hand on your cheek and you barely felt it on your cheek, but his hand was touching you fully. He leaned closer breathing against your lips and his breath smelled like mint. You smiled staring into his eyes still and he leaned in closer kissing your lips.  


The fireworks and butterflies flew. You felt him bring you closer and you felt his hand more on your cheek. He moved his hand off your cheek and grabbed your other hand. You smiled against his lips and laced your fingers with his. You felt his hands fully now, "Mmm," you hummed against his lips and he does the same against your lips.  


You felt a strong cool breeze, you felt his lips no longer on yours, and you felt your hands being released. Then everything was quiet. You opened your eyes and he was gone again, but the popcorn was still there and what he ate of it.


You then realized it was just another daydream. So you thought any way, but his lips still lingered on your lips and the feeling of his hands against yours were still there. Everything was two times more real than last time and you couldn't figure out why. Maybe your parents will know, they know about things like this.  


You decided to go on a quest and figure out what the hell is going on with you. You needed to know if he TRULY was real or just another daydream that seemed real. You needed answers. It was like you were in a glasshouse and trying to get out, but the glass just wouldn't break.  


You looked around and the movie now ended. You sighed because you missed the whole movie because of your daydream. You got your stuff and got up leaving the theatre. You'll go see it again another time. You threw away the extra popcorn and the drink. You headed to the bathroom and did your business. You washed your hands and looked at yourself in the mirror. You then saw him in the mirror. You turned around quickly and nothing was there.  


Your breathing was now uneven. You grabbed your purse and left the bathroom after drying your hands. You got in the car and took a few breaths. You put your purse in the passenger seat and yoou heard an oof. Do you dare to look in that direction? You looked over biting you lip seeing Harry, but this time he was fully tan and he was as dense as could be.


You rubbed your eyes and he was still there, "Rosetta, you alright?" he asked taking your hands in his. They were soft and totally real. You blinked a few times looking at him, "Don't cry, beautiful please. You know I don't like to see you cry," Before his voice sounded weird and now it was clear as day.  


You just stared at him not believing this. You then felt soft kisses trail along your neck. You hummed in approval and then you heard him whisper, "I love you, Rose," you felt chills go down your spine again.


You put your hand on his head moving your head a little to give him more access, "I-I-I a love you too, H-Harry. W-Why are you so real?"


You heard is chuckle against your neck, "I've always been real, honey, but you didn't choose to believe it until now," that made you puzzled, but he continued to kiss your neck.  


You were now breathing unevenly. You moaned softly when he found your soft spot. He smiled against your neck, "God, you're so beautiful," he mumbled and pulled away.  


You blushed turning to him. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you softly. You kissed back and breathed between kisses. You felt his hands leave your face and move to your lips as he brought you closer. He pulled away and again kissed your neck. You pulled at his curls as he kissed your neck. It felt amazing to be loved.  


He smiled against your neck and pulled away, "Let's head to my place and I'll show you how much I love you," he says taking your hand in his.


You felt the butterflies in your stomach fly around and you felt warm and fuzzy. You nodded and buckled up like Harry did. You turned on the car and started driving. You felt him rub your knuckles and you knew he was smiling. You were ready for this and you were a bit nervous. What if you're just daydreaming again and he isn't real. Then you make all these loud noises from the love making and his neighbors hear.  


You loved him and he loves you two. Then you think he is real, if he's not what the hell is wrong with you. You shrugged and kept driving to his place. You drove for about a half hour before you got there. You two hurried inside and took you upstairs to his room. He put your purse somewhere and made you fall back on the bed as he began kissing you. You just chuckled kissing him back.  


He put his hands under your shirt and caressed your stomach as he kissed you. You were a bit tense from being nervous, "Just relax honey," you nodded and relaxed a little bit. He smiled against your lips and removed your shirt from your body. Within the next few minutes you two were just in your guys' underwear.  


He smiled down at you, "Beautiful," he mumbled kissing your lips again you two kissed for another moment and he kissed your neck as he removed the rest of your clothes. You removed the rest of his clothes. He smiled down at you and asked, "protection?" you nodded. You didn't want to get pregnant and he put protection on, "Babe, are you ticklish?" You blushed nodding and he nodded and started to tickle your inner thighs and kissed your stomach a few times.  


You laughed and next thing you know you felt a pain in your lower area, but it wasn't as bad as you thought. You looked into his eyes. He was smart. You put your hands on his back. He looked into your eyes, "Ready?" you nodded as he started thrusting. You bit your lip in pain and your eyes watered. He wiped it away, "Just relax, baby girl," you nodded and relaxed yourself.


In about 10 minutes you two climaxed and you were glad it was so loving and passionate. You fell asleep afterwards. You woke up and you were laying in his bed just wearing his shirt and your bra and underwear. You looked around very confused. But you were in a slight pain because you lost your virginity last night.


Harry walked in shortly after with breakfast and smiled, "Good morning, beautiful. You sleep well?" he asked sweetly and you nodded as he sat on the bed beside you, "Last night was amazing," he said to you smiling.  


You blushed and nodded, "It was. You knew what you were doing," You giggled and looked into his eyes.  


He smiled putting the tray in front of you, "I'll have to take you home after you eat because you've been out all night and you didn't call so yeah. You may be in some deep shit," he said and looked into your eyes.


You nodded biting your lip. You hoped you wouldn't be in trouble when you get home. You could only pray.

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