New Years Tears

One day, five thirteen year old friends sneak out in honor of one of their birthday. Ella Young, Payton Evans, Ruby Mills, Leah Baker, and Delilah Chapman. They are walking through the woods when a few men start hunting them. The reason is unknown? Will the friends make it out alive? Read to find out.


1. The Girls

"Ella's upstairs in her room." I heard my father say.

"Thank you, Mr. Young." my friend, Payton, said back to him. Then came footsteps up the long stairs.

*knock knock*

"Can I come in?" Payton asked me. The door was locked. 

"Sure." I said, getting up. I unlocked the door so that she could come in. 

"So, how many days girl?" she asked. She had beautiful blonde hair that whenever she walked would swing side to side when she walked. Nice light blue eyes to go with the hair. Whenever she smiled all of the boys would stop and stare at her. She would always wear flowey shirts, but that wouldn't stop her curves showing. She kind of had that cocky personality, however, whenever she was around me and the others, it would disappear.

"'Til what?" I asked.

"Your birthday!" Payton said in a 'duh' kind of voice.

"Oh. I don't know! To be honest, I really don't care." I told her. It's true, I don't care. I find that birthdays are really terrible. If you think about it, you're one step closer to dying. I don't want to think about dying, so I don't think about my birthday.

Even though I didn't care, Payton gasped.

"How dare you?" she asked rhetorically. 

I laughed. "What do you mean?"

Instead of answering me, she walked over to my One Direction themed calendar. 

"One, two," she started counting. She counted all the way to-

"Forty-two, Ella!" my other friend's booming Yorkshire accent barged in my room. I saw her shiny black hair just jump into the air. She looked at Payton and I in a happy way. Her smile was huge as she waltzed into my room, her arms outstretched. Along with Payton, the boys would always go her. They liked her for her bum, they liked Payton for her boobs. Even though they are both only thirteen years old. 

"Delilah!" Payton and I yelled. We all engaged in a group hug. 

"How are you guys?" she asked. We haven't seen her in so long. She went to Scotland, because her grandmother passed away. Delilah didn't know her very well. So, everything's good.

"Amazing!" Payton said just as I said, "Great!"

"Missed you!" I said to Delilah. She smiled her sweet smile that wins over lots of boys. 

"Missed you guys t-" she started, but was cut off by my other amazing friend.


"Leah!" Delilah, Payton, and I yelled back to her.

"Oh my god! All of you guys are here?" she asked in an exclamation as she ran into my room. Leah had dirty blonde hair that only reached her shoulders. Hazel eyes that could literally trick anyone. She was always really insecure, her father is the high sheriff. Everyone's afraid of dating her. None of us really w ants to date anyone, I mean we are only thirteen years old. Thirteen isn't a good time to date anyone. 

"Yeah, kind of. Not really." Delilah said to her as I sat back down on my bed.

"Ruby." Payton clarified. Ruby had hair as red as a ruby. Green eyes to go perfectly with it. She had a smile that could light up a room, but is terrible at hiding. She is a very fast runner, and an exceptionally good gymnast. She had an adorable little nose, and fair skin. She moved here from Ireland.

Almost on cue, Ruby walked into the room.

"Ruby!" we all yelled as we attacked her with a group hug.

"You guys really did miss me did you." she said quietly. 

"Of course we did." I told her. Her uncle had a heart attack, so her and her parents went over to Mullingar, Ireland to be with him.

"How's your uncle?" Delilah asked her.

"Good actually. He made it through." she replied. Payton walked over to my speakers and turned on some music. Leah closed my door. We all looked at each other with huge smiles on our faces.

"Dance party!" we all yelled. Payton turned on the music. 

"My mind is a warrior,
My heart is a foreigner,
My eyes are the colour of red like a sunset,
I'll never keep it bottled up
And left to the hands of the coroner,
Be a true heart not a follower,
We're not done yet."

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