UnderCover || Niall Horan (coming soon)

Agent Lex has been one of the best spies the ISA could ever have. Only nineteen years old and she has been on a total of 84 missions. Every mission has been the same, catching the bad guy and turning them in, until she has received her 85th mission. Agent Lex must not only stop the horrible doings of the Polstin brothers, but also protect a group of boys whom they are after. Will she be able to complete her mission successfully? Or will a certain someone distract her by stealing her heart? Coming soon :)


1. Prologue

June 10th, 5:35 pm

Madrid, Spain

I ran inside the abandoned hotel, looking behind me to make sure no one was following me. I stopped in the lobby of the hotel. It was pitch black and very quiet. The only sound that was able to be heard was my heartbeat.

I grabbed my sunglasses and flipped a switch on the side to activate the night vision mode. Giving one more look at the entrance of the building I made my way towards the stairs. I couldn't use the elevator; it must have been rigged so that I wouldn't manage to get to the 8th floor.

I certainly didn't expect them to do something to the stairs because as soon as I put my foot down on the first step, laser beams shot out of the walls.

Startled, I quickly took a step back and scanned the area. I saw a camera in the corner of the room. A red light was blinking so it was obvious that it was recording.

They were watching me. They saw me come in the building.

The camera was too high for me to reach. I had to act fast, there wasn't much time left before the bomb goes. I reached for my gun in my waistband and aimed it for the camera.

With a loud bang, the bullet hit straight into the camera lens. I hoped no one heard that.

That should buy me some time before they find me. There has to some other way up. I looked at the ceiling and noticed an air vent. I pulled out my grappling hook and fired it at the air vent. I pulled back and the lid tore off the ceiling.

It landed with a loud clank onto the floor. I peeked out into the lobby to see if anyone has heard it but luckily no one was there.

I re-fired the hook so it would grab the edge of the vent. It seemed to hold tight so I started to pull myself up.

Halfway up the rope I heard footsteps.

They did hear it.

I started to climb faster up the rope. "Alli ésta!" a man shouted. Guns were firing all around the room.

I managed to dodge almost all the bullets. I reached the air vent and hauled my body into the vent.

I felt a sharp sting on my thigh and cried out in pain.

Once my feet were inside I crawled a good distance away from the entrance of the vent. My breathing was heavy and heart was racing. I sat down and examined my left leg. I couldn't see very well, even with my glasses. I touched the wound and quickly brought my hand back up.

It stung very badly. There was warm liquid on my finger so I knew I was bleeding. I put my glasses on my head and reached into my back pocket for my flashlight. I looked at my leg.

The bullet tore through my skin and a bit of muscle, but it didn't look too deep. The bullet only skimmed my leg.

I ripped the bottom of my pants and wrapped it around my leg tightly. It wasn't much but it was easing the pain a little bit and should stop the bleeding.

My watch beeped twice. I looked at it and sighed. Only 15 minutes left till the bomb explodes.

I crawled up the air vent, as quietly as possible. There was a division in the vent. I turned right and crawled some more but it was a dead end. I pulled out my mini GPS from my boot, which shows me where I am and where I need to go, and noticed that there was a way up to the 8th floor if I had turned left instead of right.

I made my way to the other side and got out my suction cups. I slipped one on both feet and hands and gazed up at the vent. I took a deep breath and started to climb.

I pulled myself in the vent of the 8th floor and crawled to the opening, which was not too far away.

There were noises coming from the hallway.

I lifted the grill and placed it gently beside me. I poked my head through just enough so I could see how many were there.


I could probably take them but they were armed, of course. They needed a distraction.

I pulled my gun out and aimed in for the end of the hallway, towards the stairs. Once I fired, I pulled my arm back in the vent and watched the men run towards the sound.

One of them stayed behind. I jumped out of the vent; as soon as my feet hit the ground the man turned around and fired his gun. I ducked, and then quickly fired back at him, the bullet hitting him straight in the chest.

He fell down with a thud. I ran towards room 805. I stepped over the man and put my hand on the doorknob. Locked. I took a step back and kicked the door with my right leg.

It didn't work. There was a slot next to the door. I needed a key card. It must be on the man. I searched his pockets but didn't have any luck. I gazed at my watch. 5 minutes. Only 5 minutes until the explosion.

I stood up and tried to think of a way into that room. I paced back and forth until I noticed something shining in the man's boot. I crouched down beside his feet and looked at it. The keycard.

I pulled it out of his boot and inserted it into the slot. There was a click meaning the door was unlocked. I pushed the door open and looked around. No one was here, weird. But there was a camera. I was out of its sight since it was facing away from the door.

If I shot the camera it would make too much noise and someone was sure to come after me.

I could probably destroy it with my laser. I pulled my laser pen out of my waistband and burned the camera until it fell down. I quickly made my way towards the bathroom and opened the cupboard.

Here it is.

The microchip.

Our chip.

They wanted to destroy it in the blast. It was stored in a glass container. I grabbed the container and ran out of the bathroom.

An alarm was set off and red lights were flashing. There was a female voice coming through hidden speakers I'm guessing, although I'm not sure. "Self-destructing in 1 minute".

I needed to get out as fast as I can. I looked at the window. I ran towards it and opened the latches. I pushed them open and a gust of wind immediately hit my face.

I attached my grappling hook to the window sill and made sure in was secure. Then, I hooked it up to my waistband and swung my legs over the ledge. "45 seconds till self-destruction".

I slid down the rope with ease, as I have many times. I reached the ground and retracted the grappling hook. I ran towards my car which was not that far from where I am, ignoring the pain in my leg. "15 seconds till self-destruction", the voice faintly said. Once I got to my car I unlocked the door, and got inside. I drove off and saw the explosion behind me through the mirror.

"Did you get the chip?" a voice said through my ear piece. "Yeah, I did. I'm on my way back" I replied. "Great job Agent Lex".

Coming Soon :)

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